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Light Up Your Yard with a Fire Pit

When you’re trying to make your backyard a place you love, there are some fantastic backyard ideas that will really heat things up. Don’t just depend on the foliage and grass to create your dream space; use hardscaping ideas like a fire pit to add some interest. Some of the most relaxing backyards have a fire pit because they offer warmth, ambiance, and the perfect way to encourage gatherings to last long into the evening, even when things turn a bit chilly.

That’s the Pits

Of course, not all fire pits are created equal. And the style and type you choose for your own backyard will depend on a number of things. How big is your yard? How much space do you want to dedicate to your fire pit? What’s your budget? What is your home’s style? Is there a particular theme in the rest of your property? With the number of products and materials available, you’ll be able to find the perfect fire pit for your backyard and really set things ablaze.

Blazes of Glory

Here are a few options to get things going:

  • Wood fire pits are one of the most classic types of fire pits as well as the simplest. Once a wood fire pit is installed, there’s nothing involved in operation beyond setting the wood on fire and adding logs when the flame runs low. It’s also very affordable and has a unique warmth and flame that cannot be reproduced by anything else.
  • Gas fire pits use a gas burner and propane or natural gas to create the flame and can run on lava, fire glass, or ceramic logs. They’re safer to use and more convenient than wood fire pits, and they also burn more cleanly.
  • DIY fire pits are ideal for hands-on homeowners, with everything you need to create a custom gas fire pit all in a kit. They’re simple to install and more budget-friendly, and they can be made to your very own unique style.
  • Gas outdoor fire tables offer the most contemporary look. They’re perfect focal points for your outdoor design and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and heights.
  • Table top fire pits use gel fuel rather than gas or wood. They’re also portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors, burn cleanly without creating any odor, and are small enough to be placed on the surface of a table of any size.
  • Fire urns are very ornamental and decorative pieces perfect for a patio space. They’re gas powered and have a beautiful design that creates a great deal of unique ambiance.
  • Fire and water fire pits combine water and fire into one singular feature, and they are versatile and customizable enough to compliment most outdoor spaces.

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