Five Best Water Features for Your Yard

The Trickling Tranquility of Water Features

While pools might be the type of water feature that most readily springs to mind, there are actually a number of other options available that take up less space, require less maintenance and are less costly to install. The choice is up to you and what’s in your budget, but there are other factors you might want to consider as you contemplate which type of water feature you’d like to include in the design of your landscape.

Overall, the goal is the same: to incorporate the soothing sound of water and the sense of calm that it seems to embody. But what else do you want your water feature to achieve? Do you want a feature designed to look stately and impressive or one that puts your senses in a state of tranquility? Do you want to transport yourself to a tropical oasis? All of these things are possible, given the right choice of water feature.

A Splash in the Pond

If you have the space and the budget, you can easily install a pond into the landscaping in your backyard. Ponds are ideal for creating a more natural setting, and they’re perfect for anyone who loves the liveliness and color of koi fish. For a calm escape in the midst of the business of life, install a simple reflection pond filled with pure, clean water that soothes your soul and welcomes you to sit and meditate for a while.

Say Ah to the Spa

Unlike most other water features, hot tubs and spas serve more of a functional purpose than an aesthetic one. But they certainly hold their rank in the popularity contest for water features. Depending on the space and budget you’re working with, you can go with an above ground unit or install a custom built spa or hot tub with a more intricate design like beautiful mosaic tile work and even additional water features such as a waterfall or fountain.

Fountain of Inspiration

Speaking of fountains, fountains are ideal for smaller spaces because they come in such a wide range of sizes and can even be custom built to whatever design you choose. They can also be built to use water with extreme efficiency, recycling the water from its source over and over again. Furthering their usefulness, fountains have the added benefit of releasing moisture into the air around them, which can prove helpful to the plants and landscaping nearby.

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