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Florida Friendly Landscaping

Friendly Landscaping

Florida has a very unique climate and environment, and as a property owner, it’s important to bear that in mind as you consider any landscaping project. If you want the investment you make in your property to be sustainable and complimentary to its surroundings, it’s best to consult with a professional or do a fair amount of independent research on Florida friendly landscaping ideas so that you are more educated on the species that best suit your space.

Trying to cultivate plants and trees that are not accustomed to Florida’s conditions will be a struggle, and you may very well find yourself with more headaches than you’re willing to take on. It only stands to reason that forcing the flourish will require more time, energy, and money than it would to simply allow nature to take its course and help you decide what may or may not be possible for your property; so planning a Florida friendly landscaping project is a wise way to make your investment go farther and last longer. Specific species of plants and trees will thrive more readily in Florida’s environment, and following those natural dictates will better prepare you to know how and when to perform certain maintenance tasks, such as watering, pruning, planting, fertilizing, and seeding. Logically enough, Florida friendly landscaping will follow Florida’s agricultural calendar, rather than forcing a shocking adjustment to an environment that is foreign and seemingly more hostile to its inherent growth patterns.

Reaping the Rewards of Being Friendly

Far beyond the scope of your own property’s beauty and well-being, it’s important to realize that planning a Florida friendly landscaping project will also be beneficial to the eco-system as a whole. For instance, less water and energy will be required to support the health and appearance of your yard; the wildlife in your area will be sustained; you’ll protect and preserve the landscape from patterns of erosion that might result from not respecting Florida’s unique conditions; and you’ll more easily manage the damage of pests, predators, and diseases that might otherwise requite stronger, more hazardous treatments. Florida friendly landscaping is a wise way to allow natural beauty to prosper––think of your landscaping as a contributing member of the “community” environment around it, and you’ll soon see and feel the benefits of being friendly.

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