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Florida Winter Lawn Care

Florida Winter Lawn Care

We all know that Florida is unique. We’re a state known for warmth and sunshine, but contrary to common misconceptions, we do actually hit some downright chilly temps during the winter months. Unfortunately, those cold weather fronts aren’t something we’re always prepared for—and sometimes that unpreparedness takes a toll on our lawns.

Florida winter lawn care is simple enough, provided you’ve done your research to find out just what steps to take in order to ready your lawn for the chill factor. There are adjustments to be made to your watering schedule, your lawn mowing practices, and even what chemicals you’re using to treat your turf. It can be overwhelming for the average homeowner, but if you’ve enlisted the help of a landscaping maintenance company, you can relax a bit and consider yourself in good hands, knowing that you don’t have to fight Jack Frost on your own.

Cold Cuts

Much like it is to skin, winter is especially drying to grass. It causes a noticeable halt in the growth of your lawn, which means that mowing it is most likely unnecessary. Should the need to mow arise, however, it’s important to remember not to trim it to the same level as you do in summer months; having a little bit of length provides an extra bit of protection for your soil and helps maintain the levels of moisture needed to nourish to the root system of your grass as it weathers the winter weather.

Frozen Food: Stocking Up for Winter

Florida is known for sandy beaches, so it’s probably not much of a surprise that the sand isn’t only on the beach…it’s in your yard. Unlike those nutrient-dense soils so common to agricultural areas like the Mid-West, we have sandy soil that is decidedly lacking in nutrients, which means that creating a luscious lawn is impossible without the aid of proper fertilization and other types of lawn spraying services that are commonly offered by landscaping maintenance companies. You could, of course, decide to do it all on your own, but having a plan in place with professionals for the application of fertilizer before the cold sets in is actually an extremely wise investment for any property owner; they’ll have the proper training, knowledge, and products to prepare your grass for the frigid fronts, ensuring that dry winter conditions aren’t a death sentence for your lawn.

Drink Allowance

It might seem reasonable to assume that all that dryness would mean your lawn needs more watering. Quite the contrary, in fact, which means that any irrigation system you have in place will need to be adjusted to accommodate the seasonal shift. Watering should be minimized, because the grass has entered a slower growth period or, as is the case for some species of grass, entered dormancy…all of which bear greatly on the amount of water they require. Too much will actually cause the soil to freeze if the thermometer dips low enough, but it will also increase the risk of pests and diseases like fungi or root rot. Fortunately for your lawn, you don’t have to rely on the accuracy of poking your finger into the ground to determine whether or not your dirt may need a drink. Irrigation landscaping services often include the installation of gauges designed to monitor moisture levels in the soil and adjust for changes in humidity and temperature and can often track rainfall—which means that whether it’s frighteningly frosty or magnificently mild, your lawn is receiving the ideal amount of moisture to keep it healthy all season long.

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