Following the steps of a successful landscaping process

When people think of landscaping, they generally think only of the finished product. They have a vision in their mind of various design elements, but they never realize that there is actually a landscaping process that takes an ordinary piece of property and makes it truly stunning. And while most people understand the value that landscaping provides any property – whether residential or commercial - many do not consider the fact that any well-executed landscape plans require a design phase and the eye of a landscape designer to achieve success. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we understand the importance of a solid planning process, good communication and having a highly skilled team.

Whether a project is new commercial construction or existing residential landscaping, we take a methodical approach in developing the best plan. We take into account everything that falls within the property line, creating a truly cohesive design that complements any existing architecture and works well with the surrounding environment.


The planning process

Planning is one of the most important steps in the landscaping process. In order to create a plan that truly fits your needs, we encourage client communication so that we fully determine a workable budget, a timeline, your vision for the space and how you plan to use the space. As we plan, we will walk through the project area, which helps us visualize a design. We also take the time to determine the specifics with you because your satisfaction is paramount. Realizing each client is different, we delve into your needs and preferences, asking about such things including:

  • Your favorite plants and colors
  • Plants and colors you do not like
  • How often you entertain and how many guests you usually have
  • The presence of pets or children
  • Length of time you plan to own the property
  • How often you travel, and what type of maintenance best suits you
  • What your budget is
  • Type of materials that you like


Communication is key

Knowing our clients well is key in creating a design that meets their needs and their vision, and proper communication is critical to that. Even in cases in which the dream falls outside of the budget, we will design a plan for your landscape that still achieves the overall feel or work with you on breaking the project into smaller phases completed over time. At Executive, we believe that there is always a way for our clients’ dreams to become reality!


 Design process

After determining a budget and discussing your overall goals for the project, we take a closer look at the space and begin considering the possibilities. Natural flow through a property is a key element in good design, so we assess the space to determine the most natural course of movement. Creating focal points is also important in making a design stand out, so we visualize focal points and ways of highlighting them.

We then work to create a sense of cohesion within the components of the design, unifying pathways and walkways, driveways, pools, patios, accessory structures and the lines of flowerbeds and garden beds. This includes determining the placement of turf, which is absolutely key in bringing a beautiful design to completion. We believe that healthy, lush turf is important for a finished look, but it is also a way of accentuating focal points and shape beds as well as creating usable space for children and pets to play.


Trust the process

Our goal is delivering a finished product that achieves your vision and exceeds your expectations. We offer every type of landscaping service from scheduled lawn mowing, quarterly spraying and fertilization and regular maintenance to creating a master plan and designing and executing the perfect landscape, hardscape, lighting and irrigation systems. In all that we do, we know that maintaining communication and respecting your time and money is crucial for a successful working relationship. At Executive Landscaping, our landscaping process is one that does just that – and the results we achieve are truly a masterpiece.

As you consider your options in creating a landscape that meets your vision, give the experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc. a call to learn more about our design expertise and landscaping process today!