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Freeze Out Bleak-Looking Blades with Winter Lawn Care

Freeze Out Bleak-Looking Blades with Winter Lawn Care

As we all know, the onset of winter brings on the much slower growth of grass. It slows to an almost undetectable crawl, creeping through the season with hardly enough change to notice. Unless, of course, you haven’t prepared it for the upcoming cold. And then there’s definitely something to notice…big patches of brown-colored blades that spear you with guilt. Fortunately for you, winter lawn care doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out process, especially when you let the professionals handle your landscape maintenance. Professional landscapers come ready to roll with everything necessary to properly handle winter lawn care and let you off the hook, leaving you free to think about other things as the season sets in. Like what to get that hardworking crew at your landscaping service for Christmas…

If you’ve decided to handle winter lawn care on your own, you’ll need to get some winter lawn care tips from someone who knows their way around Florida lawn care. Because our heat index and humidity levels generally tend to keep us more on the temperate side of the winter chill, maintaining Florida landscaping during the cold season has a few differences from parts of the country where the freeze hits hard.

Forward Thinking

Prep for winter should actually start in fall when the days shorten and cool down a bit. Fall is the ideal time to add that last round of fertilizer to your grass, and one of the biggest fertilizer do’s and don’ts to remember is that waiting until it’s too far into fall can set you up for a ruined lawn in winter. Procrastinate and that application of fertilizer will set things in motion to start growing again, and that new growth is extremely susceptible to cold.

If you’ve set up a schedule for lawn spraying services, they’ll be queuing up to spray on the fungicides to areas that need some attention. Fungus has a tendency to grow in winter, so be on the lookout for any patches that might be peeking.

Want some green winter grass to keep your seasonal blues from taking over? Late fall is the time to plan overseeding, giving those newly sown seeds of cool weather grasses time to establish themselves before the colder snaps start.

Whatever the size of your property or whether you plan to tackle the turf yourself, the true trick behind winter lawn care is simply to prepare ahead. And then when winter actually rolls around, your yard will fare well, cool and happily chilling out until spring.

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