Get on the Level With Soil pH

When you’re on a mission to maintain a healthy lawn, having good soil pH levels is extremely important. But unless you get a soil pH test, you won’t know if your turf is struggling to grow in soil that isn’t in balance. Soil pH levels show whether you have alkaline soil or if your soil acidity is too high or low, and a turf and shrub soil analysis will give you a clear direction on what steps you might need to take to get your landscape looking its best.

Test Time

It might sound complicated, but most home and garden stores have a soil pH test kit that you can use on your own. If you’d rather leave the task to the experts, however, landscaping maintenance companies generally have their own soil pH tester to analyze samples of your soil. Once they have the results of that test, they can offer you the perfect plan of attack for a turf and shrub pH adjustment that will get things in proper balance.

Know Your Numbers

So why is that number important? Levels of pH affect the way that your grass absorbs nutrients from the soil. Naturally, not all types of grass and plants need the same pH levels to prosper, but pH levels between 5.5 and 7 are considered to be ideal. If you know anything about pH, you’ll know that’s at the acidic end of the spectrum and just manages to nudge into neutrality. Sounds like hostile territory for anything green; but acidic soil is often actually more nutrient rich than alkaline soils, which claim the numbers of 8 to 14. Of course, all things are better in moderation, and very acidic, very low pH soils are toxic to grass and plants, as is highly alkaline soil. These extreme levels make nutrients that would normally be beneficial to a plant become overly available, which can cause dangerous build-ups that threaten your yard. If your soil is too acidic, limestone will become your new best friend. For overly alkaline soil, sulfur will bring things back down to a healthier place.

The ease with which you can adjust the pH of your soil will depend on its texture. Certain textures resist the change because of their surface charges; so when your soil sample is taken, examine its texture, as well.

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