Give Your Florida Yard a Look You’ll Love with Native Plants

landscaping with native plants

Landscaping with Native Plants for Florida

Great landscaping is every homeowner’s dream, but it can seem like a tricky thing to accomplish in areas where extreme temperatures and sandy soil give off an unwelcoming vibe for so many types of plants. There are, however, a wide range of wonderful options when you’re landscaping with native plants for Florida. From groundcover plants and shrubs to wildflowers and palm trees, Florida has many types of indigenous plants that will give your landscaping a look you’ll love.

Maintaining the Natives

Contrary to what you might hope, the term “native” does not mean NO maintenance. It does often mean LOW maintenance, though, so if you’re not the best gardener on the block, you can still manage to pull off a great yard. In the early days of planting, you’ll need to keep these plants watered regularly. After they’ve become an established member of your little kingdom of plants, you’ll be able to water them with far less frequency. Some might not even require watering other than during dry spells.

Where Are You From?

Florida has a wide variance in its conditions, so you’ll need to keep that in mind as you select your plants. Some regions are swampy and wet, others are sandy and beachy. You get the picture. All of that means that some “native” plants in Florida aren’t well suited to certain areas that are a far cry different from the zone or region from which they originally came.

Going Native

Naturally, what you choose when you’re landscaping with native plants for Florida will greatly depend on what you’re trying to accomplish – both in look and in function. Groundcover plants are great for areas where you’d love to have grass but don’t want the same type of maintenance. Berry bushes are ideal for color and a perfect alternative for flowers, especially if you’re going for size. To make the best choice, discuss your goals with Executive Landscaping, Inc. to determine what might be available as well as what’s in your budget.

A few natives to keep in mind:

Florida Thatch

Florida Maple
Live Oak
Slash Pine

Sea Grape
Wax Myrtle

Carolina Jasmine
Coral Honeysuckle

Beach Sunflower
Sunshine Mimosa

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All this is not to say that you must stick to a completely native landscape. You can easily blend native plants with exotics to diversify the look, feel, and seasonal growth of the plants in your garden and throughout your property. Just realize that some of Florida’s native plants die back or become quite scraggly looking during the winter months, which can detract from the surrounding beauty and seem out of place.

As you plan your landscaping, think about how much maintenance you’re willing to invest in your yard – you might just want to learn the native language.

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