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Green Gardens

Green Gardens:
Foliage Fancy

Gardens don’t have to have flowers in order to be stunning. In fact, some of the most impactful garden design ideas are built around foliage gardens, focusing on the green rather than relying on bright splashes of floral fanciness to make a statement. Unlike finicky flowers that will only bloom during certain seasons, green gardens are the perfect way to add year-round curb appeal to any home and often require far less landscaping maintenance. And though you might assume you’re sacrificing variety and aesthetic appeal by taking the foliage route, your landscaping can still be packed with punch from all of the textures, sizes, silhouettes, and shades just waiting for you in the wide world of flower-free plant life.

Color Me Green

It’s a common misconception that green gardens never stray from one tiny slice of the color wheel. But with varieties like hostas, ferns, heathers, ajugas, pulmoniarias, and cannas, you can take that color wheel for a spin and add a veritable rainbow of hues to your planted beds. Reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and blues…even though you’re festooning with foliage, you can still have a garden that looks like your green thumb has been playing in the paint. The options are endless, so as you plan your green gardens, consult with a local landscaping maintenance company. They’ll be able to offer you advice on which plants will most compliment one another and fare the best in your area.

Visual Variety

One of the most crucial factors in having a great garden without flowers is choosing plants with visual interest, whether that means color variations in their leaves, interesting shapes, or unusual textures. You’ll want to group them in ways that play well together and are mindful of their heights. Use taller plants as a backdrop for types with lower profiles, and anchor delicate species with some that are a little more substantial. You’ll be creating picture perfect landscaping simply by getting creative rather than having to pray that your flower power is up to par.

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