Ground Cover Plants

Whether you’re looking for landscape ideas for landscaping a hill or simple landscaping ideas to choke out the threat of garden weeds, ground cover plants are plant types that may very well become your new best friend. By using them in your custom landscaping, you can ensure that whatever area of your property needs protection from erosion or seems too shaded to support sun-worshipping plants will still be growing green and looking lush, rather than suffering from the effects of an environment that tests the mettle of most other plant life. Drought-resistant ground cover plants provide a perfect solution for landscape edging borders near sidewalks and roads; and because they tolerate dense shade where the sun seems too shy to shine, varieties like sweet woodruff make an excellent ground cover.

The Cover Up

Of course, grass is one of the most common types of ground cover plants; but you probably don’t want to shroud every inch of your property in grass. Grass means mowing and a great deal of maintenance, and no one needs to be reminded of just how finicky it can be. Fortunately, there are suitable alternatives to keeping you covered that don’t require much upkeep and have the added benefit of spreading quickly, which means you can plant them and enjoy the fruits of your labor without having to wait endlessly for something to take root.

Most ground cover plants can establish themselves easily regardless of whether you’ve chosen to use seedlings or opted for rooted cuttings. Prepare the soil and then plant away, then apply the area with mulch so that moisture can be retained and weeds will be discouraged from growing into the space. Until they’ve become established, you’ll need to water the area daily; but water requirements thereafter will depend on the plants themselves.

Get Covered

Ground cover plants are efficient, beautiful, and require minimal maintenance; and even the most problematic landscapes can benefit from their tenacious tendencies. Rather than mourning the dry patches or feeling sorrow over unseemly slopes, choose a variety of ground cover plants to hide it all away and watch as your yard comes alive.

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