It’s Grow Time: Spring Fertilizing

When it comes to getting the healthiest lawn possible, spring fertilizing takes a leap to the top of the priority list; but it’s important to remember that when you do it and how you do it matters, as well. As your might know, fertilizing your lawn in spring helps the grass grow faster once it’s come out of its winter dormancy. That said, many people don’t realize that spring fertilizing isn’t as broad a term as it sounds. Spring doesn’t begin the minute the weather warms up, especially in Northwest Florida, and it doesn’t even adhere to the lunar calendar. With regards to your lawn, spring doesn’t get into full swing until the grass has actively begun to grow. Which means that spring fertilizing should be put on the To Do list for early spring lawn care when it will be effective: the point at which the grass is growing and fully receptive to soaking in all of the nutrient-based affection you’re trying to shower on it.

Feeling Springy?

So now that you know when to fertilize in the spring, you need to know how to feed. Not something you want to think about? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Many people are too busy with the rest of their lives to take on the burden of maintaining their landscaping and hire commercial and residential landscaping services to take on the task. And with good reason, because properly fertilizing isn’t as simple as picking up the nearest bag of fertilizer on the shelf and sprinkling it on willy-nilly over the patchy areas in your lawn. You need to know things like soil pH to know which formula will be effective in bringing your yard to life and whether it’s better to use an eco-friendly fertilizer or safe to go the traditional route. And if you live in a climate that seems to have fussy weather that’s typically hot and humid yet unpredictably all over the map in spring, the process can seem even more complicated.

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