Create a Spooky Yard Without Breaking the Budget

halloween landscape

Spookify Your Yard Without Breaking Your Budget

Let’s face it. Halloween is the time of year when a majority of the country goes a little – or a lot – nuts, getting in on the fun and freakiness of the holiday in all kinds of ways. They throw creepy parties, make their own costumes, stock up on enough candy to put an entire city into diabetic shock and even deck out their homes from top to bottom, inside and out. All of that is a major investment of time, but it can also give your wallet the willies. Fortunately, all it takes is a little imagination to create the perfect Halloween landscape that’s budget friendly enough to avoid sending your bank balance spiraling in horror.

Halloween Tricked-Out Trees

Use your natural landscape to your advantage by adding a few simple touches to up the creepy factor. Hang mini pumpkins by strings in tree branches or drape them in wispy sheets of fake cobweb material. Incorporating mini lanterns also ratchets up the whole terrifying tree thing you’re going for, and try branching out even more by nestling in some fake crows or bats. Or both – after all, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to Halloween, right?

Graveyard Time

Create a Halloween landscape full of the dearly departed by setting up temporary fencing around your very own mini graveyard. Populate your cemetery with plenty of faux headstones made of plywood, plastic or Styrofoam.

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Creepy Curb Appeal

Make your house look abandoned and over-the-top-creepy by crisscrossing some of your windows with beaten-up boards and draping the eaves and porch overhangs with fake cobwebs. Leave arrangements of dried-up and dead plants near the doorway to further add to the spooky appeal of your Halloween landscape.

Screamy Doors

If full-on freaky isn’t your style, keep things a little bit quirky by decorating your door like a monster. All this DIY project requires of you is two white paper plates and black cardstock for the eyes, masking tape to create teeth and eyebrows, and orange and black streamers for the hair. Go wild and make the door as “hairy” as you wish – your Trick-or-Treaters will love your monstrosity, and you’ll definitely have a door worth stopping for. Not into monsters? Try tricking out your door like a mummy by wrapping it in white gauze and cutting out two oval shapes from black paper plates for eyes.

Undead Double-Duty Decorating

Make any fall decorating you’ve already done work in your favor by using those hay bales, pumpkins and tree branches and incorporating them into your Halloween landscape. Give the pumpkins a new use as Jack-O-Lanterns, set some skeletons on the bales of hay to greet your guests and drape the branches in fake cobwebs.

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