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Heed the Call for Fall Landscape Shrubs

Florida might evoke images of palm trees and palmetto plants, but the trees and shrubs abundant to the Sunshine state are far more varied than one might expect. In fact, there’s a vast array of options that will, as summer fades, prove their worth as fall landscape shrubs, welcoming the more mild temperatures that usher in a new season.

A Taste of Fall Landscape Shrubs

Licania michauxii
As an extremely hardy type of foliage, the Licania michauxii or gopher apple is an ideal fall landscape shrub, weathering every type of climate extreme from drought to frost. It grows naturally in the sandy environments of pine lands, roadsides, and beaches which makes it a perfect fit for Florida’s natural conditions and a hopeful, helpful option for any gardener whose thumb is far from green. As a flowering shrub, the gopher apple will earn its keep, and the soft white fruits that it bears offer a sweet taste much like pink bubblegum. This fall landscape shrub has leaves that resemble oak leaves, and the plant itself looks much like an oak seedling. The gopher apple is especially useful as ground cover in poor soil and as a stabilizer against erosion, so for any Floridian hoping to add a hint of flavor to their landscape, this shrub is the ideal solution.

Acca sellowiana
The Acca sellowiana or pineapple guava is another fruity option on the menu for fall landscape shrubs. Its waxy pink and white flowers are sweet edibles themselves and also bloom to produce an egg-sized fruit with a taste reminiscent of the guava, hence its name. As a hardy form of the myrtle family, the pineapple guava is a great fall landscape shrub, growing easily along the seacoast and in subtropical environments. This versatile evergreen shrub is low maintenance and grows easily even in hot, dry conditions such as those common to Florida, maintaining vibrancy year-round.

No-Fail Fall Landscape Shrubs

Zamia floridana
While you’re exploring options for fall landscape shrubs, consider the easy to maintain Zamia floridana or coontie, an evergreen shrub native to Florida, which means that its fernlike leaves will stay true all year long, even in the winter. As a ground cover, coontie is a perfect garden accent and provides an ideal spot for hiding and disguising trash as it de-composes.

Many areas of Florida may not seem to offer the most hospitable conditions for growing shrubs and trees, but there are far more varieties of greenery than one might realize. Florida’s best fall landscape shrubs are known for their ability to brave our sandy soils and weather our territory’s temps without withering. Gather your garden gloves and sharpen your spades to explore the options available in fall landscape shrubs.

While you hunt down those listed above, ponder the possibilities of

  • Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens);
  • Firebush (Hamelia patens);
  • Needle palm (Yucca smalliana);
  • Gallberry (Ilex glabra);
  • Spanish bayonet (Yucca aloifolia)

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