Hiring a Landscaper to Care for Your Commercial Space

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Are you less than satisfied with the results you are getting from your current landscaping company? It may be time to look for a new landscaper to beautify and maintain your business landscape.

When choosing a landscaping company, find a fully licensed company that has the experience and qualifications necessary to do commercial work on your property. Below, we look at the benefits of hiring a landscaper to care for your commercial space.

Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

From the moment your customers drive or walk onto your property, you want them to feel confident ins your business. Creating a positive experience with landscaping creates a positive first and lasting impression. Greenery also creates a soothing effect and puts customers at ease while boosting their mood. 

There are several ways a quality landscaping company can help you improve your property’s curb appeal.

  • Plant and maintain a lush, consistent lawn.
  • Refresh the mulch to highlight flowers and greenery.
  • Wash all hardscapes.
  • Trim trees and bushes.
  • Add texture to the lawn with different plants.

Routine Maintenance

Routine involves more than just taking care of problems as they arise. Instead, much of a landscape company’s maintenance and care is preventative. It keeps problems from happening, allowing you to be more proactive than reactive. There are several benefits of creating a routine maintenance plan for your landscape. 

  • You save money on labor, repairs, plant replacement and supply costs.
  • You tackle tiny issues before they become big problems.
  • Maintenance protects plants from disease, overcrowding and infestation.
  • Maintenance also keeps your landscape looking good year-round.
  • You work with landscape experts who can guide you along the way.

Irrigation Management

Plants along the Gulf Coast often require a lot of water to thrive in loose soil. As a result, you need to set aside part of your budget for irrigation. While irrigation can be expensive, your landscaper can help you develop a sustainable water management plan that consumes less water and puts more money back in your pocket.

Your plan can include practice steps such as using native plants, installing a smart, efficient irrigation system, changing out your soil, grouping plants according to their water needs and monitoring water usage. A company can provide value to your irrigation plan and help you save money along the way.


When you have a detailed and realistic budget set in place, you have the essential information you need to implement a landscape within your means. A budget also allows you to manage unexpected issues and gives your landscaper a basis from which to design and execute the landscape layout.

What landscape and hardscape items should you budget for?

  • Landscape planning and design.
  • Plant selection.
  • Hardscape implementation and maintenance.
  • Trimming and pruning.
  • Pest control.
  • Fertilization and nutrients.
  • Spring and fall cleanup.
  • New grass or turf.

You’ll approach your landscape budget like any other budget. Start by taking inventory of what landscape you already have or want to keep. List your desired items. Set your budget with a projected dollar figure in mind. Prioritize which items are most important.

Finally, consult your landscaping company to fine-tune the budget. They can help you develop a plan that gives you long-term results.

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Revitalize Your Landscape

When it comes to landscape design, the sky is the limit. There are endless options for creating an attractive, tasteful and professional layout. A good design reflects your brand. However, even good designs can fade over time. Your current landscaping company may not offer new ideas or bring creativity to the table.

You need a company that brightens even the dullest spaces in your landscape. You may have some ideas for how to accomplish this. Your landscaper’s role is to help you refine your ideas and bring them to life. You can use elements highlighting your business entrance and accent walkways, making the trip from the parking lot to your front door more inviting.

You may also want to consider planting trees that add shade to key areas of your property. Accessories like benches, lighting, hardscapes and colors can revitalize your landscape and attract people as they drive by.

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