How is a Tree Service Different from a Landscaping Service?

Unlike landscaping companies whose specialties lie in caring for lawns, shrubs and gardens, hardscaping and providing light tree trimming, tree care services specifically specialize in pruning, trimming and removing trees. Because landscaping and tree care services are so vastly different, it is important that homeowners and property owners realize the many ways that they differ before unknowingly hiring the wrong person for the job.

What landscapers handle

While you may already use a landscaping service for maintaining your yard or property, they do not have the needed tools, equipment or expertise required for certain tree-related tasks. Even with their great knowledge of trees and plants, landscapers are often improperly equipped for handling the more dangerous aspects of tree work, which is a safety hazard. Traditionally, landscaping companies handle such tasks as landscape and hardscape installation, lawn care and maintenance, irrigation system installation and maintenance, mulching, garden care and shrub pruning. These are the tasks for which they have proper training and the equipment needed to do the job. 

Another important fact to realize is that if a landscaper handles the responsibilities of a tree care service, it risks the possibility of causing serious injury or damage to your property. Homeowners and property owners may even be held responsible for the damage, especially in cases that the contractor has no liability insurance.

Tree care services and what they provide

If you need one or more trees removed from your property, you will need a skilled professional with the equipment for tree removal in order to complete the job in the safest, most efficient manner possible. It may not seem complicated, but cutting down a tree is actually very precise work. Tree care services have teams of individuals who understand the ways of controlling where the tree falls and avoiding property damage. This is also critical in avoiding injury.

Tree care services care for mature trees and handle tasks including tree removal, pruning, cabling and stump grinding. Using their specialized equipment, they will remove dangerous and diseased branches safely and efficiently and can also diagnose a sick or dying tree. 

Unlike landscapers, professional tree care services have expertise in handling dangerous equipment such as wood chippers and chainsaws. They also observe pruning standards, carry the necessary liability insurance and recognize the importance of following standardized safety practices on the jobsite.

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Know who you need for the job

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we work closely with our clients in determining the best course of action for their yards or property and understand the crucial role that tree services play in the safe removal or handling of trees. As is the case with most landscaping companies, we do not include tree work in our scope of services because of the liability involved. Tree services and arborists have special training and certifications, giving them the necessary expertise for correctly diagnosing problems with trees and the proper methods for trimming, pruning and tree removal. When the need arises, we refer clients to tree service companies and, if requested, refer arborists.

As outdoor experts, our team of highly trained landscape technicians and designers at Executive Landscaping, Inc. have years of knowledge in creating masterpieces for our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, no matter the size or type of project, and we have built a solid reputation on our abilities of bringing their vision of a beautiful landscape to life. Creating a unique design that showcases their property is always our top priority, and our standard of excellence has kept us at the top of the industry. 

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