How to Apply Fertilizers

How to Apply Fertilizers: The Do’s and Dont’s

When it comes to applying fertilizer, there are certain rules to abide by, do’s and don’t that can mean the difference between harming and helping your lawn. Before you spray or spread, do yourself a favor and do some research with a local landscape maintenance company about their recommendations; they’ll not only be able to give you options on the lawn spraying services they offer, they may also give you answers that get you ready to tackle the turf on your own.

Doing the Spread

If you’re going the DIY route, the first step will be in choosing whether you’re going to use liquid fertilizer or dry fertilizer. Dry fertilizers are applied by drop or broadcast spreaders, both of which ensure more even application than you can achieve with the hand-held sprayers required by liquid formulas; and, depending on the size of your landscape, the type of grass you have, and the climate in your area, certain forms will be more beneficial than others.

Is It a Do?

A few tips to keep things from going awry when it comes time to apply:

    • Don’t let the calendar dictate your application schedule.The temperature of your soil should be the guiding factor of when it’s time to fertilize.
    • Do irrigate your lawn to moisten the soil a few days ahead of time, but make sure the blades of grass themselves are dry.
    • Do start fertilizing the edges of your lawn first, then make straight lines going up and down within that outlined area. You’ll only use half the fertilizer at this point—the remaining half will be used when you start running lines on an intersecting course.
    • Don’t forget to turn off the spreader when you turn around at the end of a line.
    • Do overlap wheel marks on each pass—you’ll avoid missing spots that will result in stripes later on.
    • Do water the lawn after you’ve applied the fertilizer so that it will actually reach the soil, where it can be properly absorbed.
    • Don’t leave leftover chemicals in the equipment when you’ve finished. Put any remainder back in its original container and wash out the spreader with water.

Apply yourself and get a lawn you love! Give the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today!