How to Hire a Landscaping Contractor

Landscaping Contractor: Do Your Homework

When you’re thinking about starting any kind of major landscaping project, one of the wisest moves you can make is to hire a landscaping contractor. Unlike a landscaping designer or a landscaping architect, a landscaping contractor is the one who actually puts any plans or design into action, the one who gets his hands down deep in the dirt with his crew.

When you’re hiring a landscaping contractor, it’s extremely important to get referrals from friends, family, and any other source you trust. Just blindly going into a contract with the best looking, cheapest option might prove to be your undoing; you could be left with sub-standard work or, worse yet, no work at all. Informing yourself on whichever landscaping contractor you’re considering is easy enough check into their references to make sure they’ve got everything up-to-date and legal and can prove their credentials, but take a peek at their past projects for yourself. What do you see when you make your surveillance run? Do you see elegance and quality, or do you see slipshod and unprofessional? Ask their clients about their ability to listen and their willingness to work with you. In as much as you need to hire a landscaping contractor with a great work portfolio, you also need to have one whose personality will mesh well with yours.

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Hiring a Landscape Contractor: Stand Your Ground

Whom you hire as your landscaping contractor will also depend on your budget, your timeline, and the overall scope of your project. One landscaping contractor may not be available for the dates you’re hoping to cover, while another might not be well-suited to the size or complexity of what you’re hoping to achieve. Once again, it pays to do your research before signing on any dotted lines, no matter how impressive they seem on paper.

Ideally, hiring a landscaping contractor will streamline the flow of your landscaping project, keeping things on time and on budget, keeping you up to date on progress and any concerns that may arise in the midst of making your landscaping fantasies a reality. In the end, he’s supposed to be there for you, so feeling like you’re being bulldozed into letting his vision become “yours” is hardly in your best interest. True, they may have some solutions and suggestions that may serve as good guidance, but letting their “expertise” trample your ideas into dust will leave you regretting all the time and money you’ve invested into a landscape that no longer reflects you.

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