How to Landscape Your Yard for Privacy, Part II

There are, of course, many solutions that satisfy the question of how to landscape your yard for privacy. If you want to add a little color and life to things, try planting hedges. Evergreens are dense and tall enough to provide plenty of privacy from prying eyes, but they can be a little more formal or imposing that you’d like…not to mention the fact that they require a fair amount of regular pruning in order to avoid looking over-grown and unkempt. Still, there are plenty of ways to hedge your bets; you might also look into closely-planted shrubs that won’t require much pruning or upkeep.

The overall feel of your property dictates how to landscape your yard, but so, too, does the environment around you especially in cases where you might be considering incorporating green elements. Vertical gardens are fantastic for anyone who’s craving privacy in an area that doesn’t easily accommodate their love of gardening. Check out options such as metal grids and wooden pallets as the base structure for your plantings and let the garden grow!

Trellis or lattice panels can be great for screening without full-coverage, and they’re both cost effective and efficient if you’re looking for solutions that might not need much maintenance. Get the best of both worlds and incorporate some creeping plants.

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Unless you’ve recently visited the zoo to watch the pandas play in their “natural” habitat, you might not realize that bamboo can actually be the A to your Q about how to landscape your yard. These stalky stems are not only quick growers, but they also spread well, which means they require fewer plantings to proliferate. Consequently, they do require regular maintenance to ensure that they don’t get out of hand and invade someone else’s space.

Field of Vision

How to landscape your yard isn’t just about what you place in your space. It’s also determined by how you define that space, so when you’re thinking about your property as a whole, think about how much privacy you’d like to create, but also how much time and money you’re willing to invest both now and in the future. Some materials require more maintenance than others, and some might even violate codes set in place by homeowners associations in your area. When it comes down to it, the question of how to landscape your property can be answered by taking the broad view…What do you want to see, both when you look in and when you look out? And always remember just whose eyes you want to be doing the looking.

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