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How to Landscape Your Yard for Privacy

How to Landscape Your Yard for Privacy: Be a Private Eye

When you’re deciding how to landscape your yard, it’s important to keep in mind exactly what you’re trying to achieve in any design. Is your property somewhere quiet and secluded, where uninterrupted views of the land all around you is not only possible, but an absolute must for maintaining the beauty and purity of your location? Or are you, like the majority of the country, in an area where you’re looking for ways to carve out your little corner of the world, where you can have a moment’s peace to yourself? Not always an easy task, but the solution can come if you simply consider different available options in how to landscape your yard.

Taking a good, hard look at the area around you can really help in deciding how to landscape your yard. How much privacy do you have, and how much more are you hoping to find? If your property is in the sight-lines of one too many people, you’re probably needing some more substantial solutions than something like a chain-link or open weave fence, so you’d be wise to do a little research and see just what might be your best course of action.

Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

Traditional fencing ranges from nearly transparent completely solid, so deciding how to landscape your yard will definitely dictate which type of material you use if you’re going the traditional route. Wooden fencing can be great for providing the most privacy, so explore different options for types of wood, as well as directionality. You’re not limited to making those planks stand at attention like good little soldiers. Think about going horizontal, which adds a little more visual interest to your landscape. Slats, pickets, and lattice can still offer great coverage without being completely solid, or you could opt for bare-bones chain link fencing that provides nothing in the way of privacy but offers you a little peace of mind that your property isn’t regularly hosting uninvited guests…i.e., the neighborhood canine quotient.

Looking for bulkier barriers? Think about walling things off, but keep in mind that putting up a wall doesn’t have to be limited to concrete blocks. In fact, it’s one of the most effective solutions for how to landscape your yard for privacy, as it’s not only impenetrable to anyone’s eyes–unless, of course, those eyes belong to Superman–but also a great barrier for blocking out sound. Some great options include fieldstone, cut stones, brick, and even adobe. Consider the overall aesthetic you’re hoping to create; if the unadorned, solid structure seems too stark for your space, soften it up a bit with creeping plants.

Blocking your yard from view doesn’t have to mean losing your vision; let Executive Landscaping, Inc., help you find the privacy you seek. Give us a call today!

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