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Cutting with Cause: When, Why, What, and How to Prune

How to Prune

While pruning may seem like a simple task, knowing how to prune can make all the difference when it comes to the life of your plants and trees. A little too much off the top one season can stunt growth in the next; deadhead too early, and you might literally end up with a dead head.

Just as important as learning how to prune, knowing when, what, and why to prune is just as crucial to achieving strong, healthy, and beautiful results. Some plants and trees require very little pruning throughout their lifetime, naturally growing in a way that is attractive, stable, and hardy without much consultation from the clippers, while others might need a more hands-on approach to their maintenance. How to prune is about much more than creating visual appeal it’s also about creating a thriving member in the community of your property.

Learn How to Prune Now for a Healthy Future

Being well-versed in how to prune means you’ll achieve the ultimate goals of having tip-top trees and stunning shrubs whose stems and branches are less-prone to breakage; your vines will allow greater visibility; and your bushes will bloom their very best.

Even as a property owner whose daily workwear does not include garden gloves, learning how to prune is still a skill worth pursuing. If you have any desire of tackling the trimming rather than leaving those leaves to someone else’s hands, knowing how to prune could save you time and money, and your property will prosper through each passing season.

Proper pruning will eliminate the threat of aggressive limbs that grow too low; weed out weak stems that rely heavily on the support of their surroundings; deter damaged and unsightly bark; and unload any unnecessary accumulation of dead branches. Really and truly knowing how to prune like a pro means you’ll be less prone to cutting too much or trimming too often, and you’ll gain a greater understanding of seasonal snips and regular nips such seemingly simple details that carry such great importance in the overall health and appearance of your landscape.

Knowing how to prune means you also know how to prevent, and that knowledge will take shape in the plants and trees that make up the outdoor environment you take so much pride in presenting. Overextended branches run the risk of breaking; but even those that seem strong might actually be compromising in the future, when having to remove them can leave you looking at permanently wounded plants and trees.

Consider Before You Cut: How to Prune without Paying the Price

While many property owners are simply unaware of the basics of how to prune, they casually cut and aimlessly axe, never realizing that they could be causing lasting damage and a thriving case of pruner’s remorse.

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