Important Tips for Landscape Irrigation

Be Well-Watered with Landscape Irrigation

Irrigating your lawn is crucial in keeping it – and whatever other landscaping you might have on your property – happy, healthy and properly hydrated. Regardless of the amount of money or time you invest in creating your outdoor masterpiece, that vibrancy will quickly fade into dull lifelessness if it doesn’t get the hydration it so desperately needs. Having a landscape irrigation system in place that is well-designed and efficient is key.

There are actually four main types of landscape irrigation. Selecting the right kind of system will depend on the size of the area and the type of plants and grass that you’re irrigating. Naturally, each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll need to discuss all of your options with a professional to know which will be most beneficial to you.

The Direct Route of Micro-Irrigation

Micro-irrigation systems use only the amount of water necessary to water the root systems of the plants, directly accessing them through an aboveground network of tubing. This type of landscape irrigation system is best for groundcover plants, shrubs and dwarf trees rather than complete lawns, and the tubes can be damaged easily by hard freezes.

Let It Flow with a Flood System

Flood systems flood the ground with water instead of using sprinkler heads to spray plans and grass. Flood system options include jets, bed sprayers or bubblers. For plants such as roses and fruit trees that are prone to mold and disease often caused by overwatering, flood systems can be an ideal solution. Areas with adobe and clay soil are also well suited to flood systems. Unfortunately, this type of system requires a great deal of water and should only be used on land that is level and has adequate water runoff.

Spin Out the Rotary Sprinkler

Rotary sprinklers utilize spray heads that rotate in a circle to disperse water across an area. While they can cover a great deal of distance and are generally ideal for landscape and larger areas of turf, they do require a high water pressure and the rotating heads are prone to sticking in one position.

Pop On with Spray Irrigation

Spray irrigation is the most common of all irrigation systems. The sprinkler heads pop up from the ground when the system is in use, and their spray is adjustable enough for smaller areas to benefit. While they do function well even with low water pressure, they are imprecise and often waste a great deal of water. In addition, the heads will need to be replaced often if the water contains high levels of minerals.

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