Land Clearing Before a Landscaping Project

Much like most landscaping projects, there are different degrees of land clearing. Ranging from the all-inclusive clear-every-last-square-inch-of-the-lot missions to the much more “manageable” clear-out-the-overgrowth tasks that many homeowners face after they’ve begun to consider finishing out their landscaping. Land clearing is never a simple matter of breaking out a few tools and setting to work. Quite the contrary, in fact, as land clearing requires skill, knowledge, careful planning and an undeniably impressive lineup of high-powered machinery. Not to mention more than a few able bodies to do it all.

A Clear Job for the Professionals

This is NOT a DIY project for your next spare weekend. It’s not even a DIY project for your next spare WEEK. It’s a job to leave to the professionals, because while it’s a complicated one, it’s also a dangerous one that could potentially cause major damage to your property and to YOU. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have a full team of outdoor experts who handle land clearing on a regular basis for jobs of all sizes. From large-scale commercial lots that need full site clearing to smaller clearings at residential clients’ homes to prepare for newly planted gardens, we ensure that the project is properly done, both safely and efficiently.

The reason that land clearing is best left to the professionals is that, while it all seems simple enough, most people lack the tools required to do the work safely. Clearing away larger trees and root systems, especially, also takes a deft hand at wielding heavy machinery for a full-on extensive excavation, and most people lack that degree of skill.

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Clear the Land with a Clear Plan

Before land clearing begins, the first – and very important – step is to check with the city or county to make sure that the job requires no permits or paperwork. If those ARE a requirement, complete them before you begin the work so that everything is done properly. Often, these permits grant permission to remove trees and other objects and allow for the proper disposal of detritus created from clearing the land. In the event that your land-clearing project generates a great deal of lumber, consider hiring a logging company, as well. Contact a local service and get the best estimate for the job to give you an idea of what your total budget for the entire scope of work is.

The team at Executive Landscaping, Inc. has everything needed to complete your land-clearing project today. We work with clients all along the Gulf Coast to do the job on time, on budget and safely. We know the importance of quality work, and that’s something we bring to every job site.

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