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Landscape Architects

Building Beauty

When most people think about their property, they don’t usually consider the ways that they might actually benefit from hiring landscape architects to help them design and flesh-out a plan for maximizing the appearance of their outdoor space. Instead, they look at their landscape—or lack thereof—and decide to tackle the work on their own, thinking that landscape architects are only necessary for planning and executing major property overhauls on commercial properties or large-scale residential projects. It’s a misconception that bears correction, one that could potentially stunt the possibilities you see for your own property.

For much of the general public, life is far too busy, and being able to find the time it takes to properly plan and install landscaping features or hardscaping just isn’t realistic; and so they forego the idea with a dismissive “One of these days” or try to do a hack job—often literally ending up hacking it up. In the end, it can be an expensive mistake, costing time and money that they just don’t have and leaving them with a laundry list of repairs that they’re unprepared to make.

Outdoor Artistry

Landscape architects, on the other hand, are trained and educated on the specifics of landscaping: what areas work best for which types of features, what products are the best and most efficient, which climates and planting zones will readily play host to certain plants, and how to achieve an outdoor space that works with the way you live your life. They’re experts on hardscape design, easily envisioning how and where to place a pool or an outdoor kitchen; landscape lighting design, illuminating the ways that fixture type and placement can truly highlight your home; irrigation system design, deeply immersed in property flow and what benefits will rain from the installation of a quality watering system; and many other custom landscaping features that will make your property even more unique and reflective of you. As they work with you, they’ll bring your vision to life; and as that dream becomes a reality, you’ll appreciate the fact that, though their services may come with a cost, the investment you’ve made is well worth it.

Even small properties come with great potential, and sometimes it takes landscape architects to see them. Their particular expertise gives them a greater perspective, recasting unimpressive outdoor spaces to play major roles, adding value to your property not only aesthetically, but also financially.

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