Landscape Ideas

Great landscape ideas don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be eye catching—they just have to be well-executed. Sometimes, getting the biggest bang for your buck really means going with small accents—a well-placed, high quality fountain can have just as much visual impactful as a waterfall; and a vibrant flower bed can be as vivid as the grandest of gardens. The key is knowing when and where to stay small, and when it’s time to really go for the gusto.

The best thing about landscape ideas is just that—they’re ideas, and they don’t have to be limited to logic. True, they need to be well-planned and realistic when it comes time to actually put a plan into place; but until then, the options are endless. The place to start is really all in what inspires you. Your yard is your yard, which means that it should reflect you, whether that means prim and proper or bright and bold. Find a theme to build your concept and do some research into how that theme can be achieved within your space. What kinds of foliage exudes elegance? What kinds of flowers tempt you to the tropics? Do water features calm your soul, or does a fire pit light you up?

Landscape Ideas:
Imagine That

Some of the options available in hardscape design can truly transform even the smallest space into an outdoor oasis or transport you to the lush lawns of your favorite golf resort, simply by constructing a cascading water wall or putting in a putting green. Live life outside and create a custom outdoor kitchen that would make a chef swoon; cuddle cozily on a couch under the stars and stay up till sunrise as dark fades into day while you watch from your outdoor living room; or scale new heights on your very own rock wall.

Your ideas are, of course, only a starting point; and the bigger the ideas, the more help you’ll need into making those ideas a reality. Be wise and consult a professional with landscape design experience who can walk you through each step of the process, whether you’re hoping to achieve horticultural heaven or get cooking on an outdoor kitchen design; they’ll help you avoid using the wrong materials or keep you from misjudging how much room your gardens need to grow.

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