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Light It Up! When to Hire a Landscape Lighting Service

While it’s all well and good to be a hands-on, fully invested property owner that tackles every task for yourself, there are a few projects that really do need a professional touch. Case in point: landscape lighting. Sure, adding outdoor lighting to your landscape might seem simple enough; but if you’re truly looking to get the most bang for your buck and really achieve something special, you’ll need to consider the value of hiring a landscape lighting service who can guide you in the process of landscape lighting design and install everything once you have your plans in place.

Get Lit

Unfortunately, many people overlook the impact of great lighting and the transformative effect it can have on a piece of property. When they think of outdoor lighting, they think of a few boring bulbs placed here and there to shed some light on designated areas like walkways and entryways. But as any professional landscape lighting service can tell you, residential landscape lighting can add dramatic appeal to your yard and even extend your outdoor entertaining space. And when it comes to amping-up business, commercial landscape lighting can play a crucial role in creating an impression on potential clients.

What’s the Bright Idea?

Hiring a landscape lighting service will help you in making the right choices, and that can be invaluable in sticking to a budget as well as ensuring that things are done right the first time. With so many types of bulbs and such a variety of options for size, shape, color, and style, having the help of an expert will keep your project on track.

As you consider landscape lighting, assess your needs and goals. What kind of ambiance do you want? Soft, low voltage landscape lighting can add a romantic feel; but if you want something more bright and focused for areas you want to emphasize, you’ll need higher wattage bulbs that can be positioned directionally. You’ll also need to put pen to paper and sketch out the layout of your property to help you get a better idea of how big the scope of the entire project might be. That way, you’ll be able to plot out a specific placement that will highlight things like a great hardscape design or unique walkway designs; illuminate entryways; and set off any features like waterfalls, decking, or garden beds.

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