Landscape Solutions

What’s Your Problem?

Because your property is part of a natural environment, it naturally comes with natural problems, and some of those can make having the landscape of your dreams somewhat…challenging. There are ways around the issues, however, landscape solutions that can make your yard go from a nightmare to the stuff of fantasies.

Even Things Up

If you have naturally hilly or uneven terrain where your soil is eroding and, therefore, not the best place to plant, think about hardscape design features like retaining walls. The retaining walls will keep things in place; and if you use them wisely to even those grades, they’ll give you the perfect area for growing raised gardens or even creating lush green elevated lawns.

On The Rocks

If you feel like you live in the stone age because your land has more rocks than the local quarry, you can still make peace with your problem by utilizing their natural abilities. By planting in the crevices of those rocky areas, you’re creating a xeriscape, a type of landscape solution that requires very little irrigation and works very well in both rocky regions and area where water might be scarce.

Soggy Spots

If you have drainage issues, install a trench filled with gravel to redirect runoff that may be collecting on your yard, or consider plants that thrive well in very wet conditions.

Shady Looking

Shade might be nice for humans, but that isn’t always the case when you’re trying to maintain a healthy landscape. If there are areas of your property that don’t see much sun, ask the advice of a landscape maintenance expert for some tips on what plants might best be suited for life in the shade.

Don’t Pay Hard Time

You may not have a lot of time to invest in maintaining a full landscape, which means that hardscape might be your new best friend. Not only will you have a beautiful property, you’ll have one that’s much less demanding in terms of regular maintenance like watering, trimming, planting, or mowing. And due to the very fact that hardscape doesn’t require sun, shade, or any specific climate, keeping things looking lovely will be light work, indeed.

Don’t let problem areas keep you from having the landscape of your dreams! Give the experienced team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today!