As Advertised: Landscaping Around Business Signs

Whether you realize it or not, the landscaping around business signs can make or break a business, depending on what’s used; how it’s placed; and how well it’s maintained. Some companies make the mistake of planting around signs in such a way that their signage is obscured, and some don’t consider the fact that what they choose is important as far as visual appeal. They think with their wallet, rather than thinking from the standpoint of a potential customer; and so the landscaping around business signs on their property either becomes a neglected issue or one that gets the bare minimum of their attention and their budget.

A Sign of Success

Landscaping business properties is a major factor in drawing a customer in. It’s the commercial equivalent of curb appeal, and it provides people with the first impression about that business. In many ways, what business owners invest in their commercial landscaping advertise what they, as a company, invest in the work they do. Think about it: companies that appeal to people immediately on seeing them usually have great landscape lighting design that sets off their signage and other features in the landscape. They take the time to incorporate business landscaping ideas like custom landscaping and eco-friendly landscaping that’s colorful and eye-catching, beautifully maintained and inviting. Landscaping around business signs is part of that, not simply an afterthought. That landscaping creates an impact and makes people take notice. Bury your sign with an unsightly mess, and you’ll bury your potential at grabbing customers. On the flip side, leaving the sign unadorned can leave you just as high and dry, as foliage and flowers can draw the eye to an area when it might otherwise have taken no notice.

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Consult with a local landscaper to get a great plan in place for landscaping the area around your sign. They’ll know which plants and flowers will grow in a way that won’t detract from or hide the sign, be able to offer a maintenance schedule to keep your landscaping at peak performance and help design lighting systems that will keep your sign visible no matter what time of day or night it is. Remember: landscaping your sign is like planting seeds for your business’s growth.

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