Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Despite the fact that the front yard is what most people see when they approach your property, the backyard is actually the area that gets the most use. It’s more than just a pretty face––it serves a purpose in how you live your day-to-day life, so how you choose to utilize that space should be the main consideration as you execute any landscaping project––especially in the case of small backyards. Finding landscaping ideas for small backyards might initially seem limiting, but the borders of your backyard needn’t cramp your life or how you enjoy your outdoor living space.

Small Backyards with Big Ideas

Really, landscaping ideas for small backyards are almost endless; you just have to realize that proper placement and scale are key components to any project––whether that means something as simple as a deck or patio or more involved like an edible garden. As you explore any landscaping ideas for small backyards, be logical. That minuscule piece of land is full of potential; you simply have to plan it out without losing sight of what role you want it to play. Do you want to have an outdoor living space where you can relax or entertain guests? Do you crave the flavors of outdoor grilling? Do you want room to run around and play, or do you want to start a garden full of wholesome harvests?

They might sound like large ambitions when you’re considering the limited space that you possess, but these are all scalable to become perfect landscaping ideas for small backyards. Use a critical eye on the square footage of your yard as you consider any options, and think from the ground up. Function will be directly affected by ground cover, hardscaping, and any natural elements that may exist in that particular plot of land. Are you willing to maintain a lawn, or would you rather have the ease of gravel or stone? Even fencing––type, size, and placement––will determine what is possible for your property. Once you’ve found your footing, all of the other landscaping ideas for small backyards can chosen in a manner that seems coherent, complimentary, and functional, rather than intrusive. With the right design, even the most stunted property can seem to grow.

Don’t let your lack of land fence you in––call Executive Landscaping, Inc., and let us help you open your backyard to reach its greatest potential!