Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards

As the housing market booms and communities sprout up like weeds along the roadside, the size of land available reflects that growth by doing some shrinking. Large yards have been replaced by small yards, so cultivating landscaping ideas for small front yards has become more and more necessary as ostentatious ornamental elements are literally edged out by lack of space and more focus is paid to proper proportion. Landscaping projects need not seem limited, however, simply because they must be pruned down a bit. In fact, many landscaping ideas for small front yards can make even the most diminutive spaces seem impressive; it’s all simply a matter of respecting your boundaries.

Creating Big Visual Appeal in a Small Front Yard

Landscaping ideas for small front yards are created specifically with the restrictions of available space in mind, so even tiny yards can still boast and boost the curb appeal of your home. Whatever your acreage or lack thereof one of the most important considerations is keeping things proportionate both to the overall size of the yard, but also to the size of any architectural elements that may share that space. Overcrowding a small front yard with too many features can become visually overwhelming and generally only serves to draw attention to the limits of your land rather than complementing its uniqueness. As you begin your project, remember that your front yard should reflect your personality and seem welcoming, so choose plants, flowers, and trees whose sizes and colors seem to accentuate their environment.

Perhaps one of the more frequently forgotten options in landscaping ideas for small front yards is ground cover. It seems natural enough to envision the greenery of grass, but hardscaping has proven its worth as one of the landscaping ideas for small front yards. Rather than fighting the frustrations of maintaining a more traditional lawn, filling that space with pea gravel or installing a stone courtyard is not only functional, but beautiful, and you might just save yourself time and money in the future. After all, no matter how tiny your front yard might seem, it’s still going to require an investment but the size of that investment is literally in your hands.

Remember that limited space doesn’t have to mean limited possibilities. Take minimal to maximal and don’t let a small front yard stunt your growth! Let Executive Landscaping, Inc., guide you in your search for landscaping ideas for small front yards. Give us a call today!