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Landscaping In Stages

No one loves the idea of having to sink a big chunk of change into a project all at once. But having to scrap your vision in favor of the cheapest solution shouldn’t be the only option, either. Fortunately, landscaping on a budget is possible, if you do it in stages – or phases, if you prefer the more “contractor-ish” terminology. Breaking it up into smaller stages that are more manageable in scope and in cost still accomplishes the end goal without forcing you to sacrifice the masterpiece you’ve envisioned.

The Idea Stage

First, you need to identify how you currently use the space you have and how you want to make it function when your project is complete. Think realistically, though. If you hardly ever use your patio because you’re not really all that into outdoor living, installing a full kitchen and entertainment area won’t magically make you decide to spend every second out there. While it might be impressive, in the end, you’ll have invested a large amount of money into a space that goes unused. Be wise and keep an eye on reality, rather than on what’s cool or trendy or keeping up with the Joneses. So what WILL you use? Maybe a pool or a deck? Or a grilling station, if you’re a grill master. A garden with raised beds where you can plant all those edibles you’ve always wanted? Whatever it is, it’s achievable, provided you plan well and take the proper steps.

Rank Your Landscaping Must-Haves

After you’ve identified what you want, determine a ranking order for the items on your list so that they’ve been prioritized. This helps decide which projects to tackle first to successfully accomplish your goal of landscaping on a budget. It also maintains a well-ordered plan that identifies which items you can live without the longest.

Set the Stage and Plot It Out

Next, sketch out your space and plot out placements for each of the items on your project list. The placement of your plants, gardens, hardscaped areas and other features should make sense, both functionally and aesthetically. It must also allow for traffic flow through the space and have everything it needs to sustain and maintain it, such as proper irrigation and drainage, sunlight or shade and proper grading. Working with a professional landscaping designer for this stage of the process is a great way to keep things from looking over-crowded and properly in scale. A well-designed space is crucial, so that you don’t invest money in materials that aren’t useable. It also reduces the risk of costly mistakes that later need fixing.

Working on the Groundwork

Laying the groundwork, so to speak, is the next part of keeping to a well-planned, budgeted landscape project. You’ll need to prep the area by doing things like clearing the ground, leveling, building up the soil, creating proper drainage and installing irrigation systems. Once you’ve done the dull stuff, the task of landscaping on a budget becomes more exciting as you see it all come together. Now break out the wish list and start checking things off. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have years of expertise in working with clients to achieve their goal of landscaping on a budget. We work with them from design to installation and even after the project is complete to create a masterpiece that they love to come home to day after day, for years to come. Give the team of outdoor experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc. a call to learn more about how to landscape on a budget today!