Understanding Landscaping Management

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Landscape management is the in-depth care of your property to fulfill the needs of your plants and hardscape and help you meet your long-term goals. Failing to provide proper landscape management leads to less resilient plants vulnerable to stunted growth and fewer blooms, while increasing the likelihood of diseases.

For this reason, you should never try to cut corners when hiring a landscaping company to maintain your property. If budgeting is an issue, your landscaper can help you prioritize your spending in areas where it matters most so that you can enjoy a lush landscape all year long and prevent harsh damage to your plants.

Landscape Planning

Managing your landscape starts in the planning phase. Your contractor works with you to develop a planning guide so that you can make the most of your investment. You may address issues such as

With careful planning, you can get the result you want with plants that continue to thrive year after year.

What Is Involved in Landscape Management?

Landscape management is overseeing the design, creation and maintenance of your property. A management contract may include the following services, products, or other items:

  • property organization and cleanliness
  • weed removal
  • adding turf or planting new grass
  • flower bed design
  • plant selection and care
  • mulch selection
  • plant pruning and trimming

Pest Management

Your landscape is vulnerable to hundreds of plant-eating insects and animals. While some pests merely eat the plants, others can spread diseases and cause other problems with your flowers and greenery.

Being proactive and scheduling a regimented pest management program can help keep pests under control. Fortunately, several options are available for pest control, including insecticides for nearly every kind of plant and pest. Your landscaper can also perform routine inspections to identify new pests as they emerge and develop a strategy for getting rid of them.

Proper Fertilization

Fertilization is a science that, when applied correctly, breathes new life into your plants. It is a key element in proper landscape management that nourishes and protects your lawn, shrubs, flowers and trees. An effective application includes

  • choosing the appropriate fertilizer for your plants
  • treatment with specialized nutrients
  • testing pH levels
  • plant damage prevention
  • ongoing inspection and analysis
  • weed control

Fertilization is never a one-time task. Experts recommend a monthly treatment schedule customized to suit the plants on your property. Applications vary from month to month.

Tree Trimming and Care

One of the most common mistakes property owners make is choosing the wrong trees to plant in their yard. While choosing the most attractive trees is tempting, the best trees are those native to Florida and can thrive in a coastal environment.

The good news is that there are lots of lush, beautiful trees native to Florida, such as Cypress, Crepe Myrtle, Juniper, Magnolia, Live Oak and River Birch. 

Regardless of the type of trees you choose, your landscaper will need to prune and trim them. While there is never a bad time to remove diseased, damaged or dead branches, the best time for trimming is mid to late winter. Trimming a tree while it is dormant prepares it for new growth when spring arrives.

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Irrigation and Water Management

A good portion of your monthly or seasonal costs go into irrigating your landscape. So, you want to create an irrigation system as efficient and low-cost as it is effective. A landscaping company can design an irrigation network that provides an even distribution of water throughout your property without blowing your budget. They offer products and services such as

  • irrigation system maintenance
  • efficient irrigation system design
  • inspection and repair
  • accessories that enhance your system’s performance
  • an annual maintenance plan that keeps your system in proper working condition

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