Landscaping Mistakes

Whether you’re considering adding some curb appeal with a front yard landscaping project or thinking your backyard landscaping could use a makeover, having a landscape plan in hand before you start whipping out the heavy duty machinery is crucial to not making some very regrettable—and sometimes costly—landscaping mistakes.

True, some landscaping mistakes may not require massive investments to correct, but all too often, the red flags start popping up too late, especially in the case of homeowners who decide to take on all things al fresco for themselves rather than calling the professionals at a landscaping management company.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with being hands-on with your lawn; but digging in first requires some digging in of the research kind—those landscaping mistakes might actually be easily avoided if you take a moment to do some proper planning, even if it’s for something as seemingly simple as planting a shrub. There are things to be aware of with that shrub–what type you choose and where you plant it could mean the difference between short-term satisfaction and having to keep your pruning shears constantly at the ready. Before you succumb to the siren call of the shovel, ask for a little advice; you’ll have less to regret and actually end up looking more intelligent—it takes a wise person to realize and admit that they might not know it all.

Landscaping Mistakes:
Think Carefully

Widen your field of vision. The terrain you’re landscaping is no more level than a camel’s back, and dealing with it can seem just as hairy. There are roots and rocks and rises and swells that are all directly related to the changes in the environment, which also means that taking those changes into consideration before you make any well-intentioned alterations is not only advisable but critical. Choose elements like plants and flowers that compliment, rather than fight against, your imperfect space; and remember that things like hardscaping need to be installed where the shifts won’t be detrimental.

Keep things even and maintain your front yard as vigilantly as your backyard. Depending on your lifestyle, one might see more use than the other; but both are equally important to your property’s flow, function, and visual appeal.

Don’t go overboard with things that are hard to maintain or may not prove worth the investment when it’s time to resell. Your property should certainly look beautiful, but if there are too many impracticalities or show-pieces to make it a useable space, you’ll likely regret getting that bang and wish you still had those bucks.

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