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Outdoor Kitchen Design and Installation

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and as the trend grows, so do the options available in products and materials. The idea of taking an interior room of your home and creating a version of that outside is not only feasible and functional, but also a factor in increasing the resale value of your home. One of the most popular features in outdoor living is a kitchen space, and over the past few years, outdoor kitchen design has become far more detailed than a simple patio area kitted out with a grill and bare-bones prep area. As a local industry leader with years of experience at building outdoor living oases, Executive Landscaping, Inc., has become known for our excellence in outdoor kitchen design and installation. We pride ourselves on our ability to create and innovate, and we offer our clients nothing but the very best service and the very best products as we explore the possibilities available to them in planning their dream outdoor kitchen design.


Customized Outdoor Kitchen Design

There are, of course, important considerations that will impact the size and options available to your specific outdoor kitchen design. The actual footprint and layout is largely dependent on the available space in your yard; but it also needs to factor in what, specifically, you hope to achieve with your outdoor kitchen design. At Executive, we consult with the client directly to determine those goals and assess their property before we begin any plans. We want your outdoor kitchen design to be functional, but we also want it to be a masterpiece. We’re dedicated to creating not simply an outdoor space, but a true experience for our clients––a place they will want to spend time and make memories with their friends and family. At Executive, we want you to be able to reimagine the ground at your feet to become a continuation of your home and realize that, even with a small budget and a small space, you can build an outdoor kitchen perfectly suited to your home and your life.

Great Options for Outdoor Kitchen Design

Depending on the scope of your needs and your finances, your outdoor kitchen design can include anything from a grilling station to an actual outdoor stove, complete with multiple burners and an oven. Fireplaces, fire pits, and brick or stone ovens can be installed to take your outdoor kitchen from basic barbecue to restaurant ready. Countertops can be made of tile, stone, wood, or concrete, depending on the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve; and at Executive, our outdoor kitchen design teams are experts in knowing just what will suit your needs, as well as recognizing the limitations of your landscape. We’ll examine every option, from sink stations to countertops to cabinet configurations, and integrate your functional needs into the plans so that all that prepping can properly be appreciated. We’ll design dining areas that work seamlessly into your space; install flooring that is slip-proof and weatherproof; and help you determine the placement for any sheltered spaces in your outdoor kitchen design. At Executive, we’re confident that we can not only help you bring your vision to life, but surpass even your greatest expectations. With our years of experience, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of the very great potential that lies within a property for creating an outdoor kitchen design that will offer much more than the occasional weekend cookout. We want to provide our clients with new possibilities, a new way lo live and function on the land they have made such an investment in.
At Executive, we consult with our clients and offer them a range of options in outdoor kitchen design, bearing in mind that each property is unique, and each of our customers is unique in their needs. We want every element we install to be relevant to the way you live; and we want the results of your outdoor kitchen design project to leave you cooking along, rather than feeling raked over the coals.
As you consider the possibilities of your own outdoor kitchen design, call the friendly team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., today!