Lawn Spraying Services: The Application Process

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we know the importance that lawn spraying services can play in maintaining the health and beauty of your landscaping; and because of that, we offer our clients not only our excellent services in landscaping maintenance, but also a full range of options in lawn care spraying applications.

Many property owners are unaware of just how crucial it is to properly protect their trees, plants, shrubs, and lawns from predatory pests, weeds, and diseases until it’s too late; but by being proactive with treatments applied on a regular schedule, those hazards can often be prevented and eliminated. At Executive, our options for soil, turf, shrub, and tree applications include fertilization, treatments with specially formulated nutrients, and testing to monitor pH levels. Our greatest objective is to prevent damage; but we also have solutions to bring your property back to life, even when the outlook seems bleak.

To maintain the optimal health of your landscaping, at Executive, we recommend a monthly schedule of treatment applications, all of which can be customized to fit your budget and property needs. We want our clients to see only the very best when they look at their landscaping, but we also know that not everyone has the financial ability to allow for intensive monthly lawn spraying services. In an effort to meet their needs and offer them un-compromised care, our calendar of standard treatments can be redesigned to an application schedule that addresses the most crucial months, so that we can still achieve the very best results.


What’s On the Schedule

As a locally owned and operated company, the calendar of lawn spraying services we provide is based on the climate and environmental conditions specific to our area of the Gulf Coast. For both our shrub and turf treatments, we fertilize and apply nutrients; insecticides; and herbicides, rotating the pre- and post-emergent herbicides in accordance with the season and depending on whatever conditions might exist at our client’s property. In addition, we will inspect the property during each monthly application so that we can immediately resolve and control any problems that we have observed. We test, analyze, and monitor the pH levels of the soil to achieve proper balance, adjusting it so that it can meet and maintain the specific needs of the landscape.
At Executive, our monthly applications include:

January: Turf weed control (Pre­emergent weed control applications for flower beds not included)
February: Turf pre­emergent
March: Shrub fertilizer and horticultural oil
April: Turf fertilizer and pre­emergent (Pre­emergent weed control applications for flower beds not included)
May: Turf insecticide
June: Shrub fertilizer
July: Turf fertilizer
August: Turf fertilizer
September: Turf pre­emergent (Pre­emergent weed control applications for flower beds not included)
October: Shrub horticultural oil
November: Turf and shrub soil analysis
December: Turf and shrub pH adjustment
At Executive, we’ve earned a reputation for the level of care and dedication we provide each and every one of our clients, offering them premium residential landscaping services; meeting and exceeding their expectations for commercial landscaping services; and keeping the Gulf Coast looking its finest.
We believe that lawn spraying services are an essential part of accomplishing that goal, and so we recommend them to our clients as a way to quickly get to the root of any problem and prevent, eliminate, and resolve damages that can be costly if left unchecked.