Tree and Shrub Maintenance:
Why It’s Wise to Consider a Professional

There’s more to tree and shrub maintenance than simply pruning the unruly or making sure they’re well watered. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we take special pride in the service we offer our clients as we work with you to create and care for the property of your dreams. Part of successfully achieving that goal is our ability to keep your landscaping looking its best, which means that proper tree and shrub maintenance is crucial. And while you might not initially realize it, enlisting the expertise of a team of highly-skilled professionals is a wise investment that will prove its prudence with each and every pruning.
At Executive, we have years of experience in creating customized tree and shrub maintenance plans that suit the specific needs of our client’s property, as well as any concerns you might have for scheduling and budget. Your needs are our priority, and we feel confident that the services we offer reflect our dedication to you. Your landscape is a direct expression of the time and pride you take in your property, so every limb we trim is addressed with that in mind.
We’re highly trained and specially equipped to treat and prevent any issues that might affect the overall health of your trees and shrubs, and we can catch those potential problem areas before they become a costly repair. At Executive, we work with a wide range of plant species, and we keep our team well-educated with the latest practices, products, and procedures to ensure that our tree and shrub maintenance services respect the environment, are efficient, and are truly beneficial, both now, and in the future.
At Executive, we provide tree and shrub maintenance options that include:

  • Trimming, thinning, and pruning
  • Limb removal
  • Transplanting
  • Treatments and preventative care for infestations, funguses, and diseases
  • Cabling
  • Emergency care for damaged areas
  • Seasonally specific applications to ensure that trees and shrubs can weather the changes
  • Fertilization
  • Irrigation schedule
  • Tree stump removal


Tree and Shrub Maintenance: A Simple Touch That Adds So Much

The overall health and beauty of your landscape is highly reliant on the condition of your trees and shrubs; and at Executive, we’re a proven industry leader for the quality and attention to detail we offer in our tree and shrub maintenance. We know when specific seasonal services need to be performed, how climate and environmental changes can affect the maintenance needs of your trees and shrubs, and what timelines should be observed in order to optimize the appearance of your property as a whole.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance: Expertise Yields Excellence

At Executive, we’re licensed, certified, and insured experts in our field, and our clients notice the difference. We service some of the most beautiful landscapes in the greater Pensacola area and beyond, and we feel confident in our abilities to provide you with a level of excellence that exceeds that of our competitors. To the team at Executive, your trees and shrubs are the polished jewels in your crown, rather than an afterthought, so we pour attention to detail in each and every plant whose care you place in our hands.

We work closely with our clients to design a maintenance plan that suits the needs of your schedule, your budget, and your specific property. Each area and each client is unique, which also means that you are unique in your goals. The time and money you invest in your property should be highlighted by the appearance of your trees and shrubs, so as we consider your options, we’ll also consider what might be most beneficial to maintaining the beautiful face of your outdoor space. We’ll incorporate the existing elements of your landscape, both the natural as well as the man-made, into the plans we discuss, so that as we move forward in the tree and shrub maintenance processes with you, we can ensure that every service we provide maximizes the potential of your property.

As you consider your options for tree and shrub maintenance, give the knowledgeable professionals at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call. We won’t leave you hanging by a limb!