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Creating an Executive Masterpieces Requires a Finely Tuned Process

Many times, when people think of landscaping, they think only of the finished product. They have an idea, and they want someone to come in, slap some plants down and create a beautiful yard or hardscape. While most understand the value landscaping provides any property – residential or commercial - many don’t consider the planning needed before digging the first hole. At Executive Landscaping, we understand that without a solid planning process, the end result may not be the masterpiece you expect.

Methods for a Master Work

When we begin a project, whether it is new construction or an existing landscape, we take a very methodical approach in developing the best course of action. We look at the project as a whole, taking into account everything that falls within the property line. Our goal is to create a truly cohesive design that complements – not competes- with the home or building. Landscaping is so much more than plants. It is how we move around and use the property. It is who maintains it and how they maintain it. It is what your return on investment is and how long you are going to own the property. It is form following function and function following form – and yes, we want to have our cake and eat it, too! Because we have over 30 years of experience, we often make it look easy.


Executive Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Planning is one of the most important elements in our process. As we like to say, it is easier to plan a Masterpiece from the beginning than to fix a mistake from a rushed job (not that we haven’t fixed our share of mistakes)!

There are a few things we will need from you, our client, as we move through the process. Our communication with you is the most crucial item, especially in the beginning, to insure your project is successful. Some things that help us help you:

• Give us a very good idea of your budget
• Show us your space. A walk-through of your project area helps us visualize a plan
• Give us a list of elements you want in order of importance
• Tell us how you are going to use the space or what are you trying to accomplish
• Let us know which plants and flowers and which colors you like and do not like
• Describe your idea for the look of your finished project. Pictures are a great way to communicate what you are thinking
• Communicate your timeframe for the project

Keep in mind that it is important for us to know you as well as we can. We can’t see the picture in your mind, so your most important job is to communicate that mental image to us. Not easy, we know, but important to our ability to meet your expectations!

There are times when a budget does not allow for all of the elements of your dream landscape, we can create a master plan that allows the project to be phased. Your dreams are still attainable, we may just have to implement them over time. At Executive Landscaping, where there is a will, there is a way and your dreams can become reality!

Natural Flow for Natural Beauty

Once we have formed a budget and an idea of your goals based on the items above, we start looking in detail at the space. Allowing a natural flow through a property is a key element in the initial stages of our design process, so we assess the space to determine the most natural course of movement. At the same time, we imagine the focal points along the way and how best to either accentuate or - as the case may be – soften those points. We then work to create a sense of cohesion within the components, unifying pathways and walkways, driveways, pools, patios, accessory structures and bed lines. Because these components are usually surrounded by turf, people often think of turf as a cheap space filler. While healthy, lush turf is important for a finished look, we think of it more as a way to accentuate focal points and shape beds, to create usable space for kids and pets to play.

Your Executive Masterpiece is Waiting

Our goal is to deliver a finished product that achieves your vision and exceeds your expectations. We offer every service from mowing, chemicals and maintenance to creating a Master Plan and designing and executing the perfect landscape, hardscape, lighting and irrigation systems. We know that maintaining communication and respecting your time and money is crucial for a successful working relationship. At Executive, our process is one that does just that – and the result is a true masterpiece.