Landscaping Tips for January and February

Once in awhile in January, the warm weather starts to poke its head out, which makes it the perfect time to do a few things around the yard that will start to get it in shape for the seasons ahead. A landscaping professional will be extremely helpful in this, and the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., has been a trusted service provider throughout the area for creating landscapes that are truly masterpieces all year long.

Be Prudent and Prune

In January, it’s prudent to begin inspecting your flowering trees and shrubs for branches that are broken, weak, or showing signs of disease or damage. They’ll need to be pruned so that the plants can grow healthily and look more beautiful. You’ll also need to start pruning flowering trees to shape them up, but care must be taken in pruning. If done improperly, you could actually damage your plants. Trimming back fruit-bearing plants will also be beneficial in encouraging new growth and fruit production.

Turn Up the…Soil

If you have flowerbeds, January is a great time to start gently turning the soil – but only if the ground isn’t wet or frozen. Turning the soil will expose insect eggs that need to be destroyed and will also help break compacted dirt apart. You should also apply new mulch around trees and shrubs to create a covering generally between two and three inches deep, but newer or more sensitive plantings might need a little more depth. Be aware of how much mulch is piling against the trunks of plants and shrubs, however, to avoid the damage that can occur with too much coverage.

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Clear the Ground

Your lawn, while it may not need mowing for several months yet, will still require a little attention. Remove any leaves that have blown over it and remove stray toys or any other clutter that might be left lying around. They can be damaging or even deadly to grass and plants, so having a clear lawn is key to keeping it healthy.

January might not be the time to dive all-in to landscaping, but by doing a few things to get prepared for warmer weather, your property will be a masterpiece by spring.

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