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Landscaping With Rocks

Not all landscaping involves things with roots and shoots; in fact, an ever-growing sub-category of landscaping called hardscaping has become increasingly popular, incorporating architectural elements and non-organic accents into living landscape features as a way to play up the space and highlight its natural beauty.

With the growth of the trend, more property owners have embraced the thought of using rocks in landscaping, and some of the most refined-looking front yard and backyard landscaping ideas have centered around magical uses of this mineral material.

Knowing how to landscape with rocks can sometimes take a bit of creative thinking, so for most homeowners, it’s a job best left to the professionals. They’ll not only have a ready supply of suggestions perfect for your property, but they’ll also have greater access to a wider range of types, sizes, and colors of rocks. Not to mention the fact that they’ll have the tools and equipment that are so often necessary for proper installation, which can prove to be a daunting task for the average individual whose rock feature fantasies are grand but whose skills are shaky.

Landscaping With Rocks:
Heavy-Hitting Appeal

Unfortunately, while rocks and stones have the advantage of being one of the more inexpensive landscaping materials and are relatively maintenance-free once they’re installed, they aren’t typically known for being lightweight. In fact, that’s actually part of what makes them so useful in landscaping—after all, materials used in outdoor projects need to be strong, stable, and durable, and rocks fit the bill to a tee. With that heftiness, though, comes the complication of moving them from point A to point B. It can be back-breaking work; and, in most instances, the number of rocks needed to complete a project will require professional delivery from the source or access to a vehicle with some heavy-duty hauling capabilities.

On the whole, though, rocks are worth their weight; and so landscaping ideas with rocks have proliferated the public realm, inspiring homeowners and business owners alike to incorporate them as unique features on their properties. And with good reason. They can define a space or direct the flow of foot traffic; and because of the diversity in color and texture, they can create just that perfect bit of distinction and provide an unexpected sort of elegance.

Front yard landscaping with rocks can be an excellent way to add curb appeal to properties of any size. Smaller rocks like pea gravel and river rocks are perfect as an alternative to pine straw or mulch in flower beds, and using them in walkways can make the paths seem a little softer than larger slabs of stone or concrete. Some of the most popular garden ideas with rocks use mid-sized stones to outline and stabilize the borders of a gardened area, standing in good stead for the rubberized tubing so often used in landscaping. Stacking larger rocks can make the addition of a retaining wall become a focal point, and waterfalls can become even more dynamic as they cascade over the uneven surfaces of stately stones.

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