How to Layer Beautiful Backyards

Beautiful Backyards can seem like they’re achievable only in utopian societies or well-staged magazine spreads, but there are actually beautiful landscaping ideas that can solve the average homeowner’s biggest challenges without breaking the bank or requiring drastic overhauls to your backyard landscaping. In fact, layering is one of the simplest ways to create a look you’ll love, whether you’re sitting pretty on a sprawling estate or working with a yard smaller than a postage stamp. Layered landscaping is pretty much as straight forward as it sounds: taking things of various heights, shapes, textures, or colors and using them in a way that seems to layer them. If you’re looking for a little bit of help on that, ask for the advice of a landscape design company; beautiful backyards are, after all, one of the very things that keep them in business, and they’ll be able to provide you with a great number of fantastic backyard ideas that will suit your needs and your budget.

Lay It On

In most situations, layering landscaping will mean layering plants into simple arrangements that allow them all to shine without seeming discordant. The colors and textures and heights will all play off of one another and be complimentary, rather than at odds with one another. Layered garden design is about creating flow, not confusion or clutter, which will require making the right choices when it comes to the flowers and plants you use.

Perennials are ideal for creating beautiful backyards with layered design. By using these continually growing plants and flowers in your plan, you won’t have the worry that your gorgeous greenery will turn less than lovely at the end of their life cycle; and all of that visual appeal will keep right on going all year long. By very nature, layering creates beauty by using the unique properties of each plant, shrub, tree, or flower to achieve a design. Layering simply connects them in ways that make sense: by staggering them in height, grouping them in arrangements of color, or using variations of texture.

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