Low Maintenance Landscaping

9 Ways to Achieve Low Maintenance Landscaping

Wanting to have a yard that’s beautiful and something that really shows off your home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend extreme amounts of money or invest huge chunks of time into maintaining it. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you achieve a breathtaking landscape that’s still low-maintenance, and we at Executive Landscaping, Inc. can create a masterpiece that you’ll love to come home to and one that’s easy to care for.

· Create hardscaped areas like patios and walkways to expand your outdoor living spaces but also to reduce the amount of area that needs landscaping. Hardscapes are naturally low-maintenance, and those areas of your yard will mean that you have less grass to plant, water and mow.

· Material options include brick or concrete pavers, natural “flat” stone, or, for something less expensive, consider pea gravel or crushed stones. Not only do all of these come in different colors but also shapes and sizes. As with most things, budgets typically drive material selections.

· When you’re creating hardscaped areas, do not cut corners on things unseen. Be sure to lay solid a foundation first by leveling out the area, compact the subsurface, and then lay down a layer of compacted angular gravel. Although none of this is seen, it creates the stability and longevity just like the foundation of your home.

· Creating plant beds around your home and patio reduces the amount of grass that has to be maintained. When you factor in chemicals, water, mowing, and the occasional replacement or patching, turf is actually the most expensive item in your yard to maintain over the course of time. There are two types of mulch used to cover the plant beds: organic mulch like pine straw or bark will break down over time and serve as natural fertilizer while helping to minimize weeds, and inorganic mulch like pea gravel or crushed stone. However, inorganic mulch does not improve soil conditions and it does not necessarily eliminate weeds. In some situations, it can actually create more maintenance. Before making a decision like this, make sure you understand the pros and cons.

· Plant perennials, which will come back year after year…after year after year. As a result, these hardy plants are a great low-maintenance option.

· Plant climate-specific turf. If you choose grasses that are accustomed to the climate in your region, they’ll grow far better and require less watering, fertilization and other maintenance.

· The grass you’ve chosen should be native to your area, but so should the plants you choose. Plants that are native to your region or that grow well in a specific zone or area will require less watering and pruning, which reduces the cost of maintenance as well as the time it takes to keep them looking their best.

· If you’re a lover of outdoor living, by all means, install an outdoor kitchen, but make it a low-maintenance asset to your yard by selecting appliances that are high quality and use materials that will weather well. By making wise choices in your investment, you’ll spend less time and money in maintaining them, repairing them or replacing them.

Give the team of lawn care experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today to find out how we can create a low-maintenance masterpiece for you!