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Make Your Yard a No-Fly Zone with MistAway Systems

Unless you want to stock up on mosquito protection like citronella candles, bug zappers, mosquito netting, and billions of bottles of insect repellent, you’re probably going to have to face the fact that the fight against mosquitos isn’t one you’re likely to win when you spend time out in your yard. And even with all those weapons in your mosquito control arsenal, chances are high that you’re going to end up with more than a few itchy welts courtesy of those bombarding bloodsuckers. Fortunately for you, there are other options available that will keep your yard a no-fly zone. And that will leave you free and clear to enjoy your outdoor spaces without having to bat away any unwanted biters.

Get Misty-Eyed and Wave Farewell

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we offer our expertise lawn spraying services and lawn pest control. And we’re also proud authorized dealers and installers of the MistAway systems that have become known for their excellent quality and proven ability to defend against mosquitos. MistAway systems are one of the best mosquito control options available, using smart technology features to spray a fine mist of botanical insecticide that is safe and effective. It works not only as a mosquito treatment, but also in keeping other insects like spiders, flies, gnats, and no-see-ums under control.

Mist Assist

Depending on your needs, the mosquito misting system can be either the more technologically advanced tankless model or the traditional drum-based version. They’re each built with the same standard of quality and precisely tuned technology, and both of the MistAway systems can be set to go off automatically or controlled by a remote control.

Wondering which one to choose? Going tankless means that the refills require no premixing and have digitally controlled doses of insecticide. The drum model, while every bit as highly engineered and effective as the tankless system, requires the completion of an agitation cycle to mix the pesticide before each misting session.

The Gist of the Mist

The MistAway misting system operates through nozzles that have been installed at various points located throughout your property. The nozzles are controlled by a central electronic unit that can be positioned anywhere that has access to a water faucet and an electrical outlet.

Each of the nozzles in the MistAway systems is installed at 10-15 foot intervals all along the outer perimeter of your yard so that every area is protected. The misting sessions are programmed for 30 seconds to one-minute sprays that occur automatically twice a day, at dawn and dusk. These specific times of day are the ones that the most mosquito activity occurs. They’re also the ones that pose less of a threat to pollinating insects like butterflies and bees, which are actually beneficial to your landscaping. When the nozzles release their finely misted sprays into the air, that mist drifts over your yard to settle onto the grass and any landscaping you have. It’s harmless to your plants, but any mosquitos or insects that come into contact with the newly applied insecticide will die.

MistAway systems are waterproof and durable enough to last for years. They also come with options like leak sensors that automatically shut things down until the system has been repaired and wind sensors to monitor for high winds.

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