Mowing Tips on the Best Height to Cut Grass for the Winter

Most homeowners live in a happy bubble of ignorance and assume that their need for lawn maintenance basically stops during fall and winter. And while the idea might be nice in theory, it’s not actually true. Sure, you get to spend less time walking your mower hither and yon all over your lawn; but the onset of fall doesn’t mean you get to put it in park until spring. You’ve still got a few trips around the yard to take to get your lawn in shape for the cold weather that’s coming, and you’ll need to know the best height to cut grass during this season when things seem to be going in slow-mo.

Go Low

Unlike summertime, when the best height to cut grass is actually at the higher end, the ideal grass height for cool season grass is very low. The reason for that is pretty simple. In summer, the height is needed because that extra length helps keep the roots from getting scorched by the sun and helps the soil stay moist and cool. In summer, a longer lawn means a more healthy lawn; so when you’re cutting the grass in summer, you need to raise the height of the mower’s blade.

The Short Story

As the leaves change and fall, however, so should the blade of your lawn mower. The best height to cut grass in fall is much lower, and that’s a big thing to remember as you’re making your list of fall lawn care tips keep your turf in top shape. Before you hose off the mower and give it permission to rest, you need to trim down the lawn a few more times so that the upcoming harsh cold and all the loveliness that accompanies it won’t wreck your grass. Cold weather means cold rain, ice, and snow. All of these are hazardous to grass, especially when the grass is long enough to get weighed down and bent over by the onslaught. It’s a trapping point for cold moisture, which is an ideal breeding ground for fungal diseases.

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As you allow your blissful bubble of ignorance to burst and get ready to tackle your shiny new to-do list for fall lawn treatment, remember that the best height to cut grass is the mower’s lowest setting. You may need to take a few last mowing sessions to get it down that low so that you’re not cutting it down all at once, as well; so be careful not to take off more than 1/3 of the exposed length at a time. You’ll also need to check with a local professional to find out what the height requirements are for your specific species of grass.

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