Mulching Leaves

Before you break out the rake to get rid of all those leaves that have fallen into your yard, you might want to consider what giving the rake a rest would do for your landscaping. It may sound counterintuitive to let the leaves rest where they lay, but they can actually work in your favor.

In fact, by trading in the rake for a mulching mower, you’ll be able to save yourself the headache of raking leaves, bagging them up for disposal, and then taking them out to the curb to hang out until the garbage man comes to haul them off. Not great for the curb appeal, but also not the wisest move for your wallet if you’re someone who likes to pinch a few pennies when you can.

Leave the Leaves

Mulching leaves instead of raking them up is also one of the best methods of maintaining eco-friendly landscaping. After all, mulching with shredded-up leaves provides you with a cost-free and 100 percent natural source of turf fertilizer. Clearly, the overall benefits of mulching are many, as mulching leaves into lawn also fends off the growth of weeds without having to resort to chemicals to choke out those invasive little yard invaders. And as the much breaks down and decomposes, it also disappears, becoming but a distant memory even as it feeds the soil.

Logically thinking, if you’ve been trying to go green and be more environmentally friendly, mulching leaves should rise to the top of your list. Those organic mulches that cost so much in the store needn’t even make their way into your budget, because mulching leaves is as organic as you can get!

Need a few mulching tips to get you going? Mulch before the layer of fallen leaves is too thick that you can’t see any grass. The size of your property and the number of leaf-shedding trees you have will naturally determine how fast that happens, but a good rule of thumb to follow is not to let the thickness of the leaves get to the point that it’s more than your mulching mower can easily handle. You’ll also need to mind the season. Spreading mulched leaves in fall is best, because the mulch will break down before spring. A springtime spread of mulch will work against you because all of that built-up decomposing matter will keep the plants and grass from being able to access the nutrients is needs to thrive.

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