Native Florida Trees

There are many trees that naturally populate the planet, each with their distinct characteristics that make them hardy in their growing conditions, each with their drawbacks and advantages. While it’s often in our nature as we consider what we’d love as part of our landscaping to gravitate toward the most colorful, unique and attractive trees, it’s important to realize that the best bet when choosing them – especially in the hot, humid conditions of Florida – is selecting native Florida trees, as these will naturally acclimate themselves to the environment and grow more readily than species not from Florida. 


Common Native Trees in Florida

Cypress TreeCrepe MyrtleBottle BrushDahoon HollyLigustrum TreeJuniper TreeMagnolia TreePersimmon TreeSabal PalmSand Live OakRiver BirchNative Florida TreesDeciduous Trees

Going Native

Native Florida trees best for planting in Northwest Florida are hardly limited. In fact, we have a wide range of beautiful trees that offer everything from simple color or shade to those that create fully buffered sound and privacy barriers when they’re planted along the edge of a property. The key is knowing the conditions of your area such as whether the soil is sandy, whether the ground is prone to retaining high levels of moisture, if there is ample sunlight and even how salty the area is. Each of these factors naturally affects the way trees grow – or don’t – and determine the best native Florida trees for your specific property. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we work with a wide range of native Florida trees and have a great deal of expertise in knowing which type will best suit a client’s needs and achieve the look they envision, whether they have a small property that needs attention or a large space that requires a more complex design.


They’re Only Natural 

Using native Florida trees is naturally advantageous in many ways, one of which is their energy efficiency. Due to the simple fact that they’ve already adapted to the soil, temperature and rainfall patterns of Florida because they grow here on their own, native trees require less irrigation and fertilization. This, in turn, minimizes the need for heavy water consumption throughout the year. They’re also often lower maintenance, as they generally have a higher natural resistance to pests and diseases common to Florida.


How to Choose the Best Tree

Naturally, the type of tree chosen will always depend on the size of the planting area as well as the natural environment around it. However, shape, size and color are also considerations, as well, as the appearance of the tree either compliments the overall look and feel of the property or detracts from it. For instance, the larger the tree, the more space it requires in order for it not to overwhelm the area or endanger any structures around it. Working with a landscape designer or professional landscape maintenance company offers better guidance in knowing which native Florida trees to choose, and we at Executive Landscaping, Inc. offer our expertise in creating a property filled with trees that grow beautifully in the years to come. 

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