Get Out! Creating the Ultimate Backyard

One of the biggest trends in recent years has been in outdoor living and creating areas that accommodate everything from simple little gardens to full-on spaces worthy of dinner party invites. Naturally, those spaces are designed according to the actual living style of the homeowner; but with the range of outdoor products available, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Cooking Along

If you love to cook, consider an outdoor kitchen and fit it out with everything you need to make your chefy dreams come true. Don’t settle for something so pedestrian as a camp grill – make all of that outdoor space work for you by installing appliances that suit your needs, like a refrigerator and freezer, grill and range, sinks, and even a pizza oven. The point is to keep everything you need at your fingertips so that your outdoor experience can actually stay outside. There are all kinds of options in appliances designed to stand up to al fresco life.

Creating A Canvas

Of course, you’ll need the perfect backdrop for any outdoor living you do, so lay the groundwork by installing hardscaped areas with outdoor pavers and a pergola for some shade. Naturally, you’ll need to consider how you want the space function as well as the style of your home and the topography of the landscape as you formulate your design. The size of the area you’re working with will dictate the scope of your project, not to mention the type of materials you use.  If you’re considering anything like installing a patio area around a pool, it’ll be important to use materials that will hold up well to high traffic and moisture and have a surface that’s slip resistant.

Don’t forget the greenery. Nothing keeps things looking as colorful and lively as beautiful landscaped areas with trees, shrubs, and flowering bushes; so carve out some garden space in your design.

Bright Ideas

Light things up with outdoor lighting over gathering spaces and along walkways so that nightfall doesn’t bring things to an end, and ward off chill weather with firepits or outdoor fireplaces. Creating seating areas will add to the cozy factor and invite people to stay awhile, so plan places to sit and dine as well as comfortable lounge spaces with sofas and chairs that lend themselves to outdoor entertaining and enjoying the open air.

To know which materials will best be suited to your needs, it’s advisable to talk to an expert. Landscape designers can guide you in finding everything that will provide you with the type of space you’re envisioning and can also offer ideas on things you might overlook on your own, so get some recommendations on companies in your area to start your project off on the right foot.

Live it up outside! Give the team of outdoor design experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today to schedule a consultation and find out more how we can make your outdoor living dreams come true!