Winter Plant Protection Methods

It may not be something you remember right away when you think about the change of seasons from fall into winter, but even in Florida, having a plan for plant protection could mean the difference between surviving and succumbing to winter’s cruel numbing.

Plant protection doesn’t have to be complicated or costly but it does take some time. In fact, acclimating your plants to climate changes plays a key role in plant protection in winter, but in the long run, you’ll see the results and the fruits of your labor for seasons to come.

The Basics of Plant Protection

Part of plant protection 101 is realizing that a plant is a living thing; and, like any living thing, a plant that is well-nourished is also more hearty which also means that the onset of winter weather will prove less of a challenge. Just bear in mind that newer growth is more vulnerable, so if you’ve been fertilizing too late in the season, that fall foliage you were so proud of could lose the fight on a frigid night.

Play the Hot and Cold game; explore the outdoors with careful consideration of which areas of your property are the warmest and the coolest. Even within the limits of your landscape, the temperatures change in each zone of the property to create microclimates which also means that certain areas are more beneficial to achieving your goal of plant protection.

Shade trees can be an ideal source of plant protection in winter––they provide a natural canopy that traps any heat radiating from the ground, which also means that when the temperature dips, those shadowed spaces will actually keep the plants below them warmer. Those sentinels of shade fend off the freeze, so take full advantage of that full coverage as you devise your plant protection plan!

Privacy fences can pull double duty in plant protection when the cold winter winds blow, any plants nearby will benefit from the fact that they can block those blustery blasts.

Pass Inspection for Plant Protection

Part of taking pre-emptive measures for plant protection against the cold means taking a closer look at what might be growing on your greenery. Any diseased areas or spots showing damage from insects and other pests will be weaker to the woes of winter.

Prepare your plants against chill and freeze, and the cold winter weather will seem like a breeze! For more tips on plant protection, contact Executive Landscaping, Inc., today!