Plant Types

When it comes to choosing plant types for your landscaping, think like a matchmaker and consider the qualities of the plants and their “must-have” list in finding a perfect partner. Every species of yard plants is different, with different likes and dislikes for everything from soil to sunlight; so as you decide which plant types to plant, make sure you’ve done your homework before you set up your date in the dirt.

A Formula for Love

Soil is an important factor in selecting plant types. If you have sandy soil, plants that need richer soils to survive won’t easily take root. Fortunately, however, soil is something that can be fixed simply by adding missing nutrients, so consult with an expert on lawn spraying services to get your romance back on track.

Running Hot and Cold

If you live in warmer regions of the country, you’ll want plant types that thrive well in that particular environment. Snow-prone areas will be unwelcomed matches for plants that require tropical conditions, and desert plants will show no love for the wetlands. Think about where you live and what kind of conditions are typical as you begin choosing your plants so that your project is successful rather than just a casual fling.

Mood Lighting

Certain areas of your yard get more natural light than others, so knowing which plant types need more or less light is critical in finding your best matches. Some require direct sunlight, while others need shade for growth; so consult with a landscaping maintenance expert to determine whether your love will grow strong or wither away.

Size Requirements

Some plants will grow larger that you may actually have space for, so as you pick your plants, check into their typical size. If you’re planning to fill a smaller space, you’ll hardly want to choose something that will seem overwhelming or overgrown. Small plants, conversely, will need to be placed in areas where they can be complimented rather than lost in their surroundings.

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