Pool Oasis

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, a pool oasis is probably something you’ve considered; and there are some really great landscape solutions for achieving a pool landscape design to take even the simplest looking pool and turn it into a dreamy getaway. Swimming pool landscaping can have transformative designs that incorporate elaborate details like waterfalls flowing from above or rely on the classic simplicity of a patio space bordered by some colorful plants. You can inject your space with ambiance and energy whatever way you choose, and all of it will make your pool a one of a kind feature where beauty makes a big splash.

Getaway Greatness

Tropical plants and lush foliage are the perfect way to make standard backyard pool ideas and turn them into calming pool oasis ideas, adding a touch of exotic luxury that make you feel as though you’ve gone on vacation to an island resort. Custom walkway designs using stone pavers can lead you to the water’s edge, or surround the pool with beautiful stonework to set off the space. Add decking and seating for lounging away, and your background can look like a beachfront paradise.

Dive into Design

Your pool oasis should be creative, so think about the things that bring you a sense of peace and stimulate your senses. Do you enjoy nature or want something more refined? Natural stones and aquatic plants can make things look a bit wild, especially if you border the pool with a natural pond. Make your pool a masterpiece with custom tile work like a colorful mosaic design, or use geometric combinations of turf and pavers for something with a modernist edge.

Your pool is a feature that needs to be highlighted, so make sure that your pool oasis has the appearance of a well-planned space, rather than looking as though it was an afterthought. It should be inviting and captivating, one that inspires you to make use of that cooling expanse of blue, whether that means surrounding it with spa-like details or playing it up to become your very own personal waterpark.

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