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Popular Landscape Lighting Ideas

Changing the Bulbs: New Ideas to Light Things Up

With advances in technology and changes in the way that the general population thinks of design, even things that were once considered work-a-day and utilitarian have become great outlets of expression, taking ordinary to extraordinary and banal to beautiful. Little wonder, then, that even the formerly fabu-less outdoor lighting systems utilized in so many residential and commercial areas have given way to some very fabulous––and exceptionally efficient––options, bringing with them an almost infinite number of landscape lighting ideas that are high on style and even energy-efficient.

While pathway lighting may still be one of the most popular landscape lighting ideas, the technology used in those lights has so drastically changed that they accent and create ambiance, in addition to providing guidance. Even with the need to add safety and security once darkness falls, the beauty of your outdoor spaces doesn’t need to lose any of its punch. In fact, some of the materials used in newer systems are visually appealing on their own, which means that the dawning of the day won’t turn your ambient glow into a chunky, clunky eyesore.

Popular Ways of Working the Watts

But beyond those security brights and pathway lights are landscape lighting ideas that can turn up the potential for your landscape to become even more beautiful. Placement, direction, and wattage are all key to successfully achieving any landscape lighting ideas, and even simple adjustments can mean the difference between dynamic and dull. Once you’ve identified the focal points of your property, you can keep them highlighted by adding accent lighting that naturally draws the eye to those particular features.

Outdoor entertainment areas, pools and patios, and garden installations need illumination to create the most impact, so bringing those spaces to light can also bring them to life. And while some of the newer systems can be easily installed on your own, you can often get the most bang for your buck––and even some landscape lighting ideas you might never have considered––by checking in with trade professional who have their eyes out for what’s up and coming on the market.

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