How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

We all know that fall comes before winter, so it only stands to reason that the best time to start preparing your yard for winter is, of course, fall. Depending on where you live, certain environmental factors will need to be taken into account, everything from your climate to the type of soil typical to your area and the region where your property lies. Generally speaking, however, there are common ways to prepare for the winter months ahead so that when the temperature drops, your yard will be good and ready.

Prudent Prepping

  • Invest in some mulch to spread. Mulching in the fall helps protect the root systems of plants from frost, and it also aids in the retention of moisture throughout winter, when cold and dry conditions can cause damage.
  • Remove dead or dying landscaping, but don’t prune. Pruning will encourage them to grow, rather than going into dormancy the way they should in winter; tidying things up will help clear out the clutter so that things are clean and look well-maintained until spring.
  • Wrap up shrubs that are delicate in burlap, use shredded leaves to protect the roots of your less hardy trees, and place overturned plastic pots and buckets over small plants to keep them from being damaged by snow, ice, and strong winds.
  • Take advantage of cooler weather during fall, when temperatures are moderate enough to provide ideal conditions for young plants to take root after being newly planted. The ground is also still soft, and fall is generally a period when rain showers happen more regularly, so it’s the perfect opportunity to add new plants or shrubs to your landscaping. An even bigger bonus are the sales that often take place in fall, when garden shops and nurseries need to clear out their inventory.

Seasoned Specialists

To get more specialized advice, consult with a local landscaping maintenance professional; they’ll be well trained on the subject and can provide you with a wide range of options including seasonal care services and products that will maintain your yard for seasons to come.

Winter doesn’t have to leave your yard looking bleak. Taking a few simple steps will ensure that your property looks vibrant and beautiful, even when the temperatures drive you inside. Be well prepared now, and when winter finally thaws, you’ll be blooming with delight.

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